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How to Get Started with Influencer Marketing?

Over the past few years, influencer marketing is ruling over traditional advertising strategies. It has gained a place in the market with the increased successful outcomes and number of marketers practicing and benefiting from it. 

Similar to beginning a new journey, getting started with influencer marketing also requires a full-proof plan and map to reach the destination. So, if you are someone who is looking for influencer marketing tips as a beginner, then, you have landed the right spot.

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The following post is dedicated to helping you to get familiar with the concept of influencer marketing strategies to leverage your brand or business. Here is a list of 6 guidelines for any beginner before stepping into the zone of influencer marketing to make the most out of it.

Set a goal and audience for your campaign

It’s inevitable to have a pre-plan for a successful influencer marketing campaign which can be executed by setting a goal and target audience beforehand. Only the fixed agenda can guide you to approach various influencers for your niche and their hold among their followers which will be your target audience. The goal recognition must be followed by creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Choose an appropriate influencer

A wide range of influencers has emerged in each social media platform, viz Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Running after the followers doesn’t always work in achieving a successful influencer marketing campaign. 

Many marketers find it tricky while beginning in influencer marketing to choose the right and worthy influencer for their program. However, following the three A’s usually comes in handy in finding the right influencer, i.e. “Authentic”, “Active”, and “Attractive”. 

  • Brands must have an eye to differentiate between a fake and genuine influencer to whom the audience finds genuine too.
  • The influencer can only be suitable for any business to grow if he/she has an active status and understanding of the latest trends.
  • Besides these, the influencer must be attractive to the audience for an enhanced engagement.
  • Approaching the influencer

The next step would be breaking the ice to hire an influencer whose face value matches the brand’s terms and conditions. Most of the influencers are approachable via DMs or provide an email address dedicated to marketing deals. Also, make sure to build a relationship with the influencer beforehand to secure a long-term partnership. Show them how your brand can be helpful for their profile build-up before pitching up with them for your upcoming campaign. Only after building their interest can you introduce them to your influencer marketing strategy and make a profitable connection.

Specify the campaign guidelines for the influencer

The influencers are usually the creative people who have earned their status and followers based on their talent and creations on social media. Hence, they like to have their creative space when it comes to creating content for influencer marketing campaigns from their end. However, it could be successful only if the business owner lays out the specific guidelines for their brand promotion. Thereafter, the influencer can present the product or brand in their style or theme which connects to their followers. Setting out the guidelines for the campaigns is the only tool to bring the influencer and marketer on the same page which increases the possibility of successful outcomes.

Offer additional perks to the influencer

Providing additional perks rather than money from the brand is something influencers find interesting. It helps in engaging with them on a personal level which is useful in the long run. Renowned brands offer discounts, free products, and sometimes fancy trips and event visits which add value to an influencer’s working experience.  

Brands struggling to provide additional perks can go for low-tier influencers, viz. Micro- and Nano-influencers. Targeting low-tier influencers by brands for starting influencer marketing acts as a mutual association. The influencers get their share by building their profile and brands get increased engagement and hence leads.

Measure the outcomes

Even after the completion of the pre-strategies of running an influencer marketing campaign, the task isn’t over. Now, it’s time to estimate how successful it went. Hence, keep up with the leads and conversions the campaign has generated. 

Use the metrics and see how far you’ve met the objectives of the campaigns. It includes brand awareness, engagement, leads, conversions, and total return on investment. This will help the brands in learning what benefitted them and what could be improved in their next launch. 


With all the best possible approaches explained here, you are now all set to get started with influencer marketing and make the most out of it. 

Make use of every tip that you have found so far to set out a result-driven campaign like a pro and achieve the desired goals for your brand or services.

Written By:
Vaishali Joshi 

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