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How Yuktix Technologies sensor analytics solutions are helping companies to grow?

Undoubtedly, sensor analytics solutions help companies in collecting, analyzing, and visualizing real-time and historical data which will help in improving the products and growth of the organization. This is basically a configurable framework which is created to rapidly collect, process and supports in analyzing all kind of sensor and log data. Experts make use of Big Data, and artificial intelligence to create the best solution. This further helps in accelerating time to market with ready-to-use components.

Rajeev Jha, Founder

With 15years of experience in the software industry, Rajeev Jha founded Yuktix Technologies. He has worked for Oracle, Citrix, AOL, and startups Indegene and Everypath. Notably, Yuktix Technologies is a Department of Industrial promotion and policy that gained recognition as a startup and a registered MSME working for crafting indigenous remote tracking and sensor analytic services.

Yuktix Solar powered automatic weather stations which provide real-time weather conditions anytime and from any place. It provides the opportunity to watch AgriMet, disease advisories, daily reports, and custom reports on the go. It can be subscribed for alerts and weather forecasts for the effective monitoring of the farm. Undoubtedly, Yuktix weather station networks for climate studies, urban resilience, and sustainable agriculture practices.  

 Yuktix AWS sensor range and resolutions conform to Indian Meteorological Department recommendations. Even the Calibration certificate available. Yuktix provides ruggedized and field-tested weather stations at a fraction of the price of the competition. It works on solar power and runs in remote mountains, sea coasts, and Jungles. It is a single station where you can see at a glance one or a hundred stations and gets access to data from a central dashboard.

Yuktix devices help in managing the devices and data. Further, it allows the users in personalizing notifications through the preference page. Multiple sensors are plugged into the device nodes. There are multiple wireless options available for onboard memory and processing.

Yuktix’s modular structure permits the interface of different sensor cards and communication options by designing everything from the scratch.

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