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Huge Container Ship Involuntarily Blocks Suez Canal: Egypt

Egypt- “Suez Canal” one of the world’s busiest and crucial shipping lanes is blocked for hours after a large container Vessel namely Ever Given, got stuck on Tuesday’2021. 

It is an artificial sea-level waterway route in Egypt, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea via the Isthmus of Suez. it divides Africa and Asia. It is one of the connecting routes for many shipping trades and movements. 

Suez Canal Map      Sources: Internet

 On 24 March 2021, Ships are now queuing at both the ends of the Canal, which normally spot dozens of them passing between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea every single day. 

The cause of the container getting stuck was because of strong winds, and left it to block the passage in the crucial waterway route, said the owner of the container. Egyptian officials are trying and giving trials to refloat the giant ship but alert it could take around two days. 

Ever Given is a container that carries Panama’s flag and whose operator Evergreen is Taiwan-based. It was traveling from China to Rotterdam in the Netherlands and had been due to arrive on 1 April. 

Later on, the Ever Given authorities said in a response- that they were in touch with relevant authorities including the canal management bureau to get the ship out of there. Moreover, on this the shipbroker Banchero Costa & Co said in a statement that freeing the container could take days. On the other hand, Bernhard Schulte ShipManagement released a map showing that the container ship was in this position till about 2 am Wednesday. 

In addition, Refinitive Eikon described that at least seven tug boats came to rescue the Ever  Given and blocked oil cargo entering the canal. 

Due to the blockage, several ships were delayed at the anchorages, affecting the whole timetable for their timely arrivals. As per the SCA marine division, the canal has 19,000 ships that travel in the waterway, as many as 51 ships every single day, and the toppled ship container started a massive jam pile up for hours. 

Update: The Massive container “Ever Given” shifted partially! 

The huge container, compared with the Eiffel Tower length, has been partially refloated and jam along the waterway is expected to resume soon. The assumptions of making the ship out of trouble in 2 days, are easing out as it is being moved and expected to be on the go within a day- informed by the GAC, the port agent said on Wednesday, citing the canal authority and work. 

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