IAF set to Spread its Wings in “Drills” in Persian Gulf Region

“IAF is going to participate in the first-ever war drill in the strategically-located Persian Gulf Region.” 

New Delhi- India is ready to take part in a significant multi-national air combat drill or exercise in the United Arab Emirates. They will be up there with its fighter jets and heavy-duty airlift aircraft, namely, “Su-30 MKI jets”, this March.

On Wednesday, IAF (Indian Air Force) is going to transmit about six Sukhoi-30MKI Fighter Jets, two C-17 Globemaster-III aircraft, Jaguar, MiG, with around 125 personnel for the performing high-voltage “Desert Flag” exercise to the UAE. All officials and air force troops are highly up with their first such endeavor to take place soon. 

Sources suggest that both UAE and IAF (Indian Air Force) will go together in the drill, in order to strengthen defense ties between the two countries. This multi-national air combat drill is going to welcome 10 countries including the US, France, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. Whereas, remaining of them would accompany the drill as spectators namely Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait. In the three-week-long air combat war drill, some highly known armaments such as American F-15s, F-16s, French Rafales, and Mirage 2000s will join Indian Su-30 MKI jets. 

In addition, in 2016, IAF has participated in the American “Red Flag”, the “Israeli Blue Flag” in 2017, and later in the succeeding year in the Australian “Pitch Black” war game. 

Facts and time shows how India wired with great care and perseverance to strengthen the defense ties between Gulf nations through training, intelligence-sharing exercise practices over the past years. But as we said above, this drill is going to be the first-ever multilateral one to go in-said by one of the Senior Officers at IAF. It is believed by the Indian Officials that all was made possible due to the IAF’s flexibility and versatility of surviving in assorted topographies. Whether it’s high-altitudes of Ladakh amidst the Himalayas or extremely dry deserts of Rajasthan, it can bear it all with ease. Thus, they become the reliable and right choice for these war games. 

In January 2021, UAE Air Force helped French Rafales with mid-air refueling while they were flying on their way to India from France. Just after this incident, this highly crucial exercise came into the picture which made all gulf nations work together and learn about the greater ends. 

“The senior officer also stated that- The Air Drill will comprehend both offensive and defensive operations with force enhancers like AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control Systems) and flight mid-air refueling craft in a realistic combat setting.”

Meeting of UAE Miniter with Indian Minister of External Affairs. Source: Twitter

The other factors that go in favor of India are that in 2020 India-UAE ties have seen an uphill trajectory when they held several meetings to enhance cooperation on different ends. Sources convey, it was very much reflected When general MM Naravane India external affairs minister has visited the UAE recently. There he met General Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al Ameri, Staff Major General. Both discussed key elements and issues of internet and defense cooperation and having joint defense production ventures with India. 

In addition, recent reports say, it is likely for India to sell BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles with a range of 290 km and Akash Air defense missiles with a range of 25km and some others. Lastly, one of the UAE-based firms namely “caracal” is one of those foreign contenders which up for the “Make In India” project to produce 4.6 lakh close-quarter carbines for the Armed Forces of India. 

This clearly conveys that it will help these nations set better ways of defense and fight against wrong while keeping in mind the technicalities. A minor error can cause a big blunder. 

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