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India signs deal with the US for Air Force One

The desi “Air Force One” will be ready to fly the President or Prime Minister by 2021. It is equipped with advanced missile defence measures. India has signed around $190 million to deal with the US for two self-protection suites (SPS).  Air Force One: The system will be retrofitted on the two custom-built Boeing-777 aircraft, which was earlier acquired for long-haul VVIP travel.  The system has fully-integrated advanced missile approach warning sensors, defensive electronic warfare systems, infra-red (IR) counter-measures, digital radio frequency jammers, and other such contraptions under the overall SPS. It has the capability to serve as an airborne command centre to direct military operations during nuclear, chemical, biological (NBC) attacks. The two extended-range B-777s will also have encrypted satellite communication facilities. It will replace the almost 30-years-old 747-400 jumbo jets being currently used for VVIP flights.  The SPS will ensure a robust capability for automated detection and jamming of different kinds of missiles. 

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