India will soon exceed the voluntary emission-cut mark

Delhi- Carbon footprints are constantly increasing with the increase in the development needs. Soon the country will be exceeding what it has voluntarily promised to the UN climate body in respect to its 2020 commitments.

The third biennial update report (BUR-III) which is recently submitted to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) states that India has professed that its emission intensity per unit of GDP has now reduced by 24% between 2005 and 2016. Thus, this was “on track to meet its voluntary declaration to reduce the emission intensity of GDP by around 20-25%from 2005 levels by 2016.”

According to the BUR-III details, India’s CHG inventory for 2016, highlights that the country is emitting 2.8 billion tons of greenhouse gases of which 75% is alone from the energy sector. India first submitted its BUR to the UNFCCC in 2016 and the next in 2018.

After the analysis of India’s three BURs presenting an interesting trend that highlights the consistent decline in the agricultural sector’s which shares in total emissions from 2010. However, the emission from the energy sector is still growing whereas the shares of the waste sector and industries remained constant.

Currently, you will find that the agricultural sector acts as the main source of methane (CH$) and nitrous oxide (N2O) emission. Well, methane emissions take place from this sector because most of the livestock rearing and paddy cultivation. N2O is specifically emitter because of the usage of fertilizer to agricultural soil. Notably, thoughtful utilization of fertilizers, crop diversification, and better manure management can be the reason for the decline.

Moreover, in the energy sector, the production of electricity was the single largest source, which accounted for around 40% of the national CHG emission in 2016. On the other hand, manufacturing and construction together emit around 18% of total emissions. Now, India is the fourth in terms of the overall global CHG emission with China, the US and EU+UK are the top three.

Well, in terms of per capita emissions, India covers one-third of the global average.

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