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#IndiaAgainstPropaganda Western Force Exposed

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  • Exposed: Greta Thunberg shares document to help protesting farmers, says RSS-BJP are fascistic ruling party
  • Exposed: 'RSS-BJP are fascistic ruling party', says Greta Thunberg
  • Thunberg is trying to dismantle Indian democracy


International pop icon Rihanna caused a stir on Twitter with a response to farmers’ protests in New Delhi and neighboring Indian capital Haryana on Republic Day on January 26. International media reported that demonstrators broke through barricades and clashed with police after organizing a tractor rally to mark Republic Day on January 26. There are reports that the movement has stalled due to clashes between demonstrators and police in the capital and their supporters in neighbouring Haryanas.

Remarkably, however, the international star has never responded or tweeted to anything that has ever happened in India. In fact, the nine-time Grammy winner has never been to India, nor has she ever been to the country.

Zee News Editor in Chief has Sudhir Chaudhary tweeted with the documents highlights on his tweet:

So the question is why the singing sensation suddenly reacts to a peasant protest that is absolutely directed against India’s internal affairs? She also understands what the three agricultural laws mean and how they will affect the farming communities in India.

The US State Department responded to Rihanna’s tweet, calling it “inaccurate and irresponsible.” Before you get into such matters, I would urge you to establish the facts and to establish a proper understanding of the issues at stake.

“The use of sensational hashtags and comments on social media is neither appropriate nor responsible, particularly when used by celebrities and others,” the ministry’s statement said. She added: “We would like to stress that these protests are likely to be seen as an attempt by the farmers groups concerned to break the deadlock. The document contains a list of the sedition of farmers which has accelerated in the suburbs of Delhi since January 26, Republic Day. Some of them were shared on Twitter, calling the BJP a fascist ruling party.

On Wednesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his support, saying he supported the continued baiting of farmers. We stand in solidarity with @ FarmersProtest India, “Thunberg tweeted.

The five key points of the document are: 

  1. Participate in (or organise an) on-ground protest: Share solidarity Photo/Video Message by email preferably by January  25 (solidarity messages for farmers at Delhi’s border).
  2. Digital Strike: #AskIndiaWhy Video/Photo Message – On or Before 26th January.
  3. Twitter Storm on February 4,5  2021: Share solidarity Photo/Video Message by preferably by February 5, latest by February 6.
  4. Contact a local Representative: It is paramount to put international pressure on India’s Government.
  5. The document also names two big business houses as they allegedly manufacture wealth by working hand-in-hand with the current Regime to exploit the world’s people, lands, and culture

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar reacted strongly after pop-star Rihanna and activist Greta Thunberg’s supported farmers’ protest in India.

On the same page, Tendulkar said that external forces can be spectators, not participants, and outsiders can observe events in the country but not participate. India’s sovereignty cannot be jeopardised, and every event in our country is its own internal affair and cannot be observed by outsiders.

India is known to all Indians, and Indians should choose India as their homeland, not as a foreign country or a Third World country.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry responded to international celebrities’ support for the farmers’ protest. While we are discussing such issues, we urge you to establish the facts and to provide an appropriate understanding of the issues at hand, “it said. Greta Thunberg also expressed concern about the farmers’ protests causing a stir across the country, writing on #IndiaTogether and #indiaagainstpropaganda: Let us remain united as a nation. Citing the Internet outages that have helped bring the movement to a standstill, Brazilian singer Rihanna said in her article, “Why is nobody talking about an Internet outage in our capital to bring it to a standstill?”

It is appropriate and responsible to use sensational hashtags and comments on social media, especially when used by celebrities and others, but it is neither appropriate nor responsible.

According to the MEA statement, several Indian celebrities have spoken out against the move. Former left-hander Pragyan Ojha has also said that India does not need outsiders to interfere in its internal affairs. The statement continued: “We would like to stress that the protests are seen as an attempt to influence the agricultural groups and not an attempt to break the impasse.

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