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Indian Waft Guard thwarts smuggling attempts, seizes fishing boats in Gulf of Mannar

An Indian Waft Guard (ICG) ship patrolling thwarted a smuggling try on the waters of the Gulf of Mannar, which connects India and Sri Lanka,.

A entire of four fishing boats, two each from India and Sri Lanka, were seen by the guards of Ship Vajra, as they were taking part in the smuggling of Tendu leaves strategy the World Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL). 

Constant with the ICG, two Sri Lankan fishing boats were apprehended after a sizzling pursuit as they were fleeing at excessive flee to noxious the IMBL. About 104 baggage of Tendu leaves, weighing virtually 2.8 tonnes rate Rs. 20 million ($24,500) were recovered from the boats. 

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The leaves of Tendu, scientifically is called ‘Diospyros melanoxyion’, are extinct as wrappers of tobacco to carry out bidi — a skinny cigarette or mini-cigar that is rotund of tobacco flakes and steadily wrapped in a tendu leaf.

The boats were then taken to Tuticorin harbour in the southern Indian bid of Tamil Nadu and were handed over to local authorities for extra action. 


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