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Inside Out 2 Box Office (Worldwide): Surpasses Frozen 2 as the Biggest Animated Opening Ever, Set to Cross Dune 2’s $711.4 Million Global Haul

Inside Out 2 Shatters Box Office Records and Sets New Milestones

Disney/Pixar’s latest animated release, Inside Out 2, has taken the global box office by storm, surpassing all industry expectations and establishing new records. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2015 hit has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also set a new benchmark for animated films.

Record-Breaking Debut

Inside Out 2 debuted with an astounding $155 million at the domestic box office, setting a new record for animated films. This figure far exceeded initial predictions, which had projected a $90 million opening. The film’s success marks the first time since Barbie that a movie has crossed the $100 million threshold in its opening weekend in the US.

Internationally, the movie garnered $140 million during its opening weekend. This impressive performance allowed Inside Out 2 to surpass Frozen 2 as the biggest animated opening ever, by an additional $5 million. With a combined global total of $295 million, the film has set a strong foundation for an exceptional box office run.

Beating Industry Expectations

The success of Inside Out 2 comes as a much-needed boost to the industry, especially following the underwhelming performances of films like Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and The Fall Guy. The animated sequel’s success is a testament to the enduring appeal of Pixar’s storytelling and Disney’s marketing prowess.

Comparing to Other Blockbusters

The film’s debut also outperformed other significant releases. For instance, it surpassed Dune 2‘s $82.5 million domestic opening. With its current trajectory, Inside Out 2 is poised to overtake Dune 2’s global haul of $711.4 million, making it the highest-grossing film of 2024 to date.

The Success Formula

Inside Out 2’s triumph can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the strong brand recognition and popularity of the original Inside Out provided a solid foundation. The sequel continues to explore the emotional complexities of its characters, resonating deeply with audiences of all ages.

Critics have praised the film for its nuanced portrayal of human emotions and the challenges of growing up. This positive reception, combined with effective marketing strategies, has ensured a broad appeal and strong word-of-mouth promotion.

A Boost for the Summer Box Office

The film’s success has injected much-needed vitality into the summer box office. Following the momentum created by Will Smith’s Bad Boys Ride or Die, Inside Out 2 has further energized the market. The robust performance of these films signals a resurgence in cinema attendance, which had been adversely affected by the pandemic.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Inside Out 2 is expected to maintain its strong performance. With favorable reviews and high audience ratings, the film is likely to enjoy sustained interest. Additionally, its appeal across various demographics suggests that it will continue to draw large audiences in the coming weeks.

Global Business Line’s Analysis

From a business perspective, the success of Inside Out 2 underscores several key trends in the entertainment industry.

1. Resilience of Animation:

Animation continues to be a powerful draw for global audiences. The ability to connect with viewers across different cultures and age groups makes animated films a lucrative segment for studios.

2. Brand Strength:

The success of sequels like Inside Out 2 highlights the importance of strong branding. Franchises with established fan bases provide a reliable revenue stream and reduce the financial risks associated with new releases.

3. Market Recovery:

The robust box office performance of Inside Out 2 and other recent hits indicates a recovery in cinema attendance. This trend is encouraging for the industry, which has faced significant challenges due to the pandemic.

4. Strategic Marketing:

Effective marketing campaigns play a crucial role in the success of films. Disney/Pixar’s strategic promotion of Inside Out 2 demonstrates how targeted marketing can maximize a film’s reach and impact.


Inside Out 2 has not only shattered box office records but has also reinforced the enduring appeal of animated storytelling. Its success is a testament to the power of well-crafted narratives and strategic marketing. As the film continues to draw audiences worldwide, it sets a new benchmark for the industry.

The film’s achievements also highlight the resilience of the global entertainment market and the potential for further growth. For Disney/Pixar, Inside Out 2’s triumph reaffirms their position as leaders in the animation genre. For audiences, it offers a delightful cinematic experience that celebrates the complexities of human emotions and the joys of storytelling.

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