Instagram adding filters for tackling Hate Speech

Now, Facebook’s Instagram is launching a new feature for preventing users from viewing the possibly abusive message by filtering the belligerent words, Phrases, and emojis on the photo-sharing app.

On Wednesday, the company mentioned that along with the filter option for abusive direct messages. Additionally, it will also make it quite tough for the people to block the users to circumvent and contact them through the new accounts.

Now, Instagram is now pushing on its efforts for tackling hate speech and online abuses on the platform. This is one of the most popular than Facebook’s prime app among teens and younger adults.

However, the filter can be activated on Instagram in the privacy settings that can be used for customizing by the users to involve words, phrases, and emojis which they wish to block or avoiding receiving in their message requests.

However, the users can make use of their discretion to report, delete or even open the message which is sorted into a hidden requests folder, as per Instagram.

By starting in a few weeks, all the users have also extended the options for completely block out the people from contacting them on Instagram after the blocking of the account.

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