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International Coffee Day

Today (October 1st, 2020) is International Coffee Day and we celebrate the magic elixir that gives us energy in the morning. As we celebrate our latest own brand, we give you 5 good reasons to make coffee part of what is considered a healthy coffee world. Sunday, September 29 is International Coffee Day, and today we celebrate it at our local coffee shop in London, England. [Sources: 4, 6, 7]

The origin of coffee is global, of course, but the Arabs of the 15th century were the first to grow coffee, and the innovation in coffee and the development of decaf coffee came in 1903, but it was not until the 1930s that it became popular. S. Frenchmenbebe and dunking you in the history around coffee as well as how to make coffee in a nod to International Coffee Day. [Sources: 9, 10, 11]

Although the International Coffee Organization originally agreed to have October 1 as a holiday, each country has its own unique day to celebrate October 1. It seems that the Southern Food and Beverage Museum is entitled “International Coffee Day” for the United States and the term “International Coffee Day” is used in the United States. But it wasn’t until 2014 that they decided to launch the first official International Coffee Day in Milan. [Sources: 3, 12, 15]

The origins lie with the National Coffee Association (NCA), but it is only nationally funded in the USA. This has led to some confusion, as there are many “National Coffee Days” around the world, which are celebrated on 1 October in various parts of the world, such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Colombia. [Sources: 3, 15]

International Coffee Day was established in 2006 by the International Coffee Organization, which works with importing and exporting governments to help solve the problems coffee faces worldwide through international cooperation. By working together, governments can ensure that coffee is produced ethically and sustainably to meet global demand. The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) – a non-governmental organization (NGO) – is an international organization dedicated to coffee research, development, and progress. It is represented by 44 member states and is one of the largest and most influential coffee organizations in the United States. [Sources: 11, 14]

The main purpose is to maintain the market price of coffee and to ensure that sufficient coffee is exported from the producing countries. International Coffee Day is also a necessity for fair trade in coffee and aims to raise awareness of the importance of fair trade coffee in the global coffee market. [Sources: 0, 16]

Before we get into how to celebrate International Coffee Day this year, we should learn a little more about these humble beans. This day is celebrated to pay respect to the humble coffee bean, without which it would not be able to create a lifestyle. The coffee plants are grown and harvested by the hard workers in the fields for coffee companies around the world. [Sources: 11, 16]

This is the most popular coffee bean, accounting for 60% of the world’s coffee bean production. Normally coffee beans are symmetrical, but the Liberica breed, a much rarer form of coffee beans, is the only coffee bean in the world that has an irregular shape. [Sources: 11]

The properties of the coffee bean were probably first discovered in Ethiopia, but the Day of Coffee also marks the long and good reputation of the coffee and marks a long history of the drink. The quality of this coffee is the first to be discovered outside Ethiopia. [Sources: 8, 13]

The processed and roasted beans that make the beloved brewed coffee are made from the fruit of the coffee tree known as the “coffee cherry.” [Sources: 3]

If you’re in the market for a cup of hot or icy coffee on International Coffee Day, you can never forget it for $1. For $2 you get two cups of coffee, a glass of water and a bag of chocolate chips or even a mug. [Sources: 2, 5]

On Sunday, when you mention National Coffee Day at the checkout, you get a free cup of Katz’s Coffee. Starbucks says that for every cup or roast sold, 15 cents will be distributed to two organizations that help women and girls empower themselves. When you buy a mix, you donate 15 percent of each mug sold and distribute it to the International Women’s Day Fund and the Women and Girls Foundation of Canada. [Sources: 1, 5]

A committee of the International Coffee Organization agreed on the Day of Honor, which began in 2015 at the Milan Expo. ICO member states agreed that International Coffee Day should be celebrated every year, starting with 2015, with each country having a unique day. If approved, the proposal will be ratified by the ICO’s General Assembly in 2016 and then by its executive committee in 2017. [Sources: 8, 15]

The idea for the International Coffee Day was presented at the coffee exhibition, which was enthusiastically received by all present. In 1983, the Japan Coffee Association was in the middle of its annual meeting and declared that October 1 was defined as “Coffee Day” because coffee consumption was high in the autumn and winter time. [Sources: 3, 15]


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