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Is the eclipse going to hit us?

An Astronomical event when one celestial body is obscured by another or by its shadow for a while is known as Eclipse. Two known categories of eclipse observed in our solar system; lunar and solar. As the earth revolves around the sun and in the same way the moon revolves around the earth in between this a time comes when the earth passes between the sun and the moon, this event is known as a lunar eclipse and when the moon passes between sun and earth, it is known as solar eclipse. Astrologers say, the eclipse always brings together hope and sometimes distress. Point is made that the annular solar eclipse going to appear on 21st June 2020, in different parts of the globe like India, Australia, Europe, South America, and Africa considered being sensitive. As per the Indian Standard time, a solar eclipse will start at 9:15 am and remains till 3:05 pm. The entire duration is 5:48:03 and the visibility will depend on local weather conditions.

Predicted adversities of the eclipse

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Astrologers predicted that a year of eclipse ‘2020’ going to be a devastating year as coming three eclipses on the span of 30 days is not a good sign for the humankind. It is not just a mere coincidence that the solar eclipse observed on the 26th December 2019, has left behind a dreadful pandemic known as Covid-19. Here and now back-to-back three eclipses within two months indicating the dreadful situation, the world might face civil war, communal atrocities, starvation, pandemic, economic collapse, political turmoil, etc. The lunar eclipse on 5th June 2020 and 5th July 2020, and in between two lunar eclipses there is one annular solar eclipse on 21st June 2020, moreover two more eclipses at the end of the year is predicted as distressful. According to Astro-Science, Eclipse on 21st June will be the most sensitive among all, as the position of planets and timing of the eclipse is in such a way that may lead to a natural disaster and hunger in most of the countries. Prediction says few countries can create a condition like World War III and may face political disturbances. The position of planets like Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter may cause a financial slowdown. Maneeza Ahuja, an astrologer predicted the effect of the eclipse in a collective way. Mandarin astrology is used to read the effects of the eclipse across the globe for collective destiny.  She predicted that not only India but across the globe, there could be the loss of leaders and the possibility of weakening of communist government. Another astrologer further predicts that by the end of September 2020, border conflicts may arise due to some offensive step.

Unlike, other astrologers, Sai Suvajit predicted some positive side of the solar eclipse as he foretold that Covid-19 can come to an end after 21st June 2020.

Precautionary measures

Don’t step out during the eclipse as negative radiation coming out from the sun can harm our body.

Don’t view the sun with naked eyes or by homemade or ordinary sunglasses as rays can be harmful to eyesight rather use only recommended solar filters or handheld solar viewers to see the eclipse.

It is supposed that solar eclipse is not safe for pregnant women, so the precaution has to be taken there, they should avoid sleeping during the eclipse and advised to bath twice before and after the eclipse.

Astrologers have suggested making prayers, the vibration created from prayers has the power to protect our five elements of the human body, i.e, earth, water, fire, air, and space. Taking bath before the eclipse and offering water to the lord sun can relieve a bit from the eclipse.

It is advised to skip the food especially cooked one, if necessary go for fruits only, drinking water must be avoided. It is considered that cooked food and water can be contaminated by the eclipse’s negative energy. Oiling the body should not be done, using washrooms, especially for the pregnant and old age individuals must be avoided during the eclipse. Only one activity is recommended i.e. worship, chanting mantras of Rahu, Surya, Gayathri mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa as the effect of mantras increases to 100 times more during the eclipse.

According to Indian and Greek-Roman nomenclature, Sunday is dedicated to the lord Sun and a combination of 21st June solar eclipse on the summer solstice and Sunday, together makes a way good day to worship the lord sun.

The Acharya Rajeev Narayan Sharma, an astrologer, suggested taking Tulsi leaves to keeps the negative energy away. Apart from it, during eclipse, anger, envy, and unnecessary discussion should be controlled and avoided.

Abhigya Anand, a 14-year-old astrologer mentioned that the 21st June solar eclipse is not as dangerous as of 26th December 2019, but it’s after its effect is more dangerous for next 7 days after the eclipse, hence highly advised not to step out.

As stated in astrology, Sun is considered as a significator of complete health which has the ability to kill any disease but during the solar eclipse sun, itself is affected because of the position of Rahu and the planets Mars and Saturn. In preparation for that our, Upanishad Yajurveda reveals “Yatha pinde tatha brahmande” means the structure of the body reflects the structure of the cosmos. Pind means body, as nature and the body is made up of five elements, if we activate these five elements by drinking lots of water, meditation, yoga, sunbath, the worship we can protect our self from the harmful effect of the eclipse by making our physical body fit, reviving our mental health, and making proper digestion which all together make us internally strong. Whether one believes or not, in these things, deep inside we do accept it as true and believe that it has certain effects on our lives. No one has control over anything, rescue and paying attention to the advice are the only way to deal with it.  


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