Japan blames China for Asia-Pacific occupations during COVID crisis

Japan annual defense review has blamed China for its under the sleeve motive of territorial occupation of the Asia-Pacific region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The defense white paper stated that China is altering the status quo for both Easter and Southern areas of China Sea. The paper is attested by Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. It further described regular intervention in various small islands which are claimed by both the nations alike. Senkaku belongs to Japan and Diaoyu to China. Beijing is enforcing its occupation, in the South China Sea, by establishing administrative districts around islands that are under argument. This activity of China let other countries respond with distaste. The review further stated China of ‘disinformation’ and ‘propaganda’ amid ‘social uncertainties and confusion’ caused by the current pandemic.

On a similar note, the US has also accused China of such imposition in the South China Sea. The relations between two of the great economies have sunk due to the malpractices adopted by China. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State told that this activity of China over claims on disputed areas is ‘completely unlawful’.

On the contrary, Beijing justified its move on the South China Sea, which holds a global trading route of around $3 trillion, as ‘peaceful’. Beijing foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian stated that China has lodged a complaint regarding this. Japan’s defense white paper is full of biases and false information and it is trying to hype the China-threat, he further added.

There was some disinformation spread by China that Corona Virus was transferred in the country from US military personnel, the country is providing medical aid globally and Chinese medicine has the capacity to nullify the COVID-19 virus. All these professes made by China do not hold water.

Japan feels China a greater threat than North Korea as it is spending four times in its defense for its modern military. Some other threats which are standing in front of Japan are the Nuclear weapons development from the dictator country North Korea and the military pursuits of Russia.

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