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Kentucky man rescues wife, sister-in-law from candle factory demolished by twister

MAYFIELD, Ky. – An MMA fighter rescued his wife, her sister and others trapped within the Mayfield, Kentucky, candle factory a twister leveled.

“Or no longer it is a miracle I even found them. I don’t know the plan it took put aside,” Brian Brooks told Fox News.

Tornadoes flattened and destroyed total communities across extra than one states Friday and Saturday. No longer less than 74 people died in Kentucky, which became hit the toughest, and no longer less than one other 100 were missing, per Gov. Andy Beshear.

Brooks, an MMA fighter for roughly 14 years, became at dwelling lying in his mattress Friday night, while his daughter and granddaughter were in a bathtub with helmets, pillows and blankets to defend themselves from a twister.

Brian Brooks, his wife, daughter, and granddaughter
(Fox News Digital)


A twister ripped through nearly in each put aside round Brooks’ dwelling, nonetheless his became narrowly overlooked.

Then, “I bring together a phone call,” Brooks acknowledged.

Brian Brooks and his wife
(Fox News Digital)

“Or no longer it’s my wife. She calls and tells me she loves me, that she’s trapped, and they’re smashed. And he or she hung up,” Brooks told Fox News.


“I jumped within the truck and flew to her,” Brooks acknowledged.

When he got to the factory, it became flattened.

“It became admire the worst battle movie you survey on TV. The people that were screaming that that you would be in a position to no longer survey at dreary night,” Brooks acknowledged.

All he knew became that his wife had acknowledged she became within the ladies’s lavatory.

“I lovely began ice climbing and discovering people, lovely serving to everybody I could doubtless well,” Brooks told Fox News.

He acknowledged he reached out to screaming people, being careful where he stepped, and pulled workers out of the rubble. He became perilous what number of he helped.

Brooks reveals the form of rubble he had to climb, and leap through to bring together to his wife
(Fox News Digital)

At closing, Brooks’ sister-in-law, who became smashed on top of his wife, observed the MMA fighter’s “crazy sneakers.” He acknowledged he has footwear in a vary colors.

“She knew it became me … she began hollering, ‘Brian,'” Brooks acknowledged.

“I became admire, ‘Oh my God,’ and commenced making an try to pull,” nonetheless, the roof, candle wax barrels, lavatory partitions, rafters, “every thing became on top of them,” he told Fox News.

He tried to pry and pull, nonetheless the pipes and poles were all too long. Then, “some officers, thank God, they got me a crowbar.”

Brooks became in the end in a spot to bring together them out. His wife and her sister were despatched to the hospital.


They returned dwelling Monday “a diminutive bit banged up, bruised, sore and lovely a quantity of heartache,” Brooks told Fox News.

 Emergency workers search what’s left of the Mayfield Person Products Candle Factory after it became destroyed by a twister in Mayfield, Kentucky, on December 11, 2021.
(John Amis/AFP via Getty Photography)

“They didn’t assume they were ever going to match us again,” the MMA fighter acknowledged. “I’m so grateful … I lovely are making an try to claim my prayers for everybody who wasn’t so lucky.”

A candle factory spokesman acknowledged eight died within the destroyed factory. 

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