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Kerala temples ban oleander vegetation in day-to-day rituals after 24-year-feeble woman dies of its poison

What’s oleander?

Oleander, scientifically identified as Nerium oleander or generally known as rosebay, is a plant figured out across tropical, subtropical, and temperate areas worldwide. This shrub is identified for its skill to stand as much as drought conditions, making it a most in vogue preference for landscaping and ornamental functions.

In Kerala, it is known as arali or kanaveeram, and on the total planted along highways and seashores to fabricate pure inexperienced limitations.

Despite the proven truth that it is immediate in definite Ayurvedic therapies, oleander’s toxic nature has been acknowledged globally.

Hannon D Langford and Paul J Boor wrote, the plant has been “exploited therapeutically and as an instrument of suicide since antiquity.” (‘Oleander toxicity: an examination of human and animal exposures’ printed in the journal Toxicology in 1995).

Additionally, respiratory in smoke from burning oleander or swallowing it could invent you ill.

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