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Kia India name officially changed. Here’s why!

The South Korean automaker Kia has officially announced to change its name in the nation to Kia India from Kia Motors earlier.

The change of name is part of the company’s new brand identity- it is becoming a firm that invests in and produces more than just vehicles to offer a long range of sustainable mobility solutions for better service. 

It has decided to remove the word- “Motors” from its earlier name. It has been done after ratification by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Now, the company will function under the corporate identity of Kia India Private Limited. 

It also changed its logo and name at its Anantapur manufacturing facility in Andhra Pradesh. It will carry out the same at its dealership in a phase-wise manner. It has also unveiled its new corporate logo and global brand slogan signifying its transformation for all new purposes. 

The location of unveiling its logo is Incheon, South Korea. 

Two years back, Kia made its debut in India as Kia Motor India, and Seltos was its first product. It became a successful car for Kia and later it came up with the Carnival MPV. in a very short span of time, it has emerged as the Fourth most sold car. It is termed as the fastest to achieve 2,50,000 sales figures in the nation.

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