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Know about the top 7 kick Fintech Startups of 2021

Fintech is referred to any business which utilizes technology for enhancing or automating services and processes. This term is used in boarded sense and the rapid growth of the industry served both the business and consumers. It helps in improving and automating the delivery and utility of financial services. Notably, fintech is used to help companies, business owners, and consumer’s better management.

Moreover, fintech involves several sectors and industries like education, retail banking, fundraising and nonprofit, and investment management for a few. Basically, fintech companies involve the development and utility of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Some of the well-known FinTech startups are-


Securitize is referred to as a blockchain-enabled company that facilitates the capital markets by permitting the traders to trade in the private companies by making use of the trusted global solutions. The platform is quite secured and provides a higher quality experience to the investors. The company is integrated with multiple US-based marketplaces. Thus, the traders can trade without the fear of losing the earnings. Moreover, the company has received almost $26 million in funding and the motive is to become one of the biggest US marketplaces. Also, the company received $78.8million from Stripes.


NuovoPay is one of the reputed startup companies that its journey with the motive to safeguard devices by leasing and supporting Haas. There are many finance companies and mobile phone carriers who have not jumped on the bandwagon of the device by leasing to make mobile devices that are available for individuals that are without a credit score. It is an essential part of empowerment achieved by mobility. Also, leasing is a critical element for bridging the digital divide.

NuovoPay is proprietary device locking software which permits the leasing companies like financial institution and carriers in protecting their leased devices against the non-payment. The company offers non-intrusive software which sits on the leased mobile devices. It can be even used to flash payment reminders of the device screens ad blocks access to the device whenever the payment is missed. As soon as the end-user completes the pending payments, the device gets unlocked. Well, the device data remains intact and it can be used as-is. On the NuovoPay dashboard, the leasing companies can keep a record of their leased devices, automatic payment reminders, or schedule. It can be blocked or unblocked with a single click.


Radpay has earned its recognition as one of the finest online payment solution providers who help the consumer to make faster payment for their purchases which resulted in the reduction of cart abandonment. You can say this is one of the top blockchain startups that connects the blockchain with PCI-compliant card payment and banking infrastructure. On the other hand, it assures secured transactions for merchants through the combination of the browser plugin, a combination of mobile apps, application programming interfaces (APIs), credit card terminal apps, and pre-configured ecommerce cat plug-ins.

This is perfect for those merchants who are in need of an alternative to meet the current payment solutions which charge a higher fee and serves below-average service. Based on the business, Radpay will help in improving the margins by around 200%. The company received funding of $78.8million from Stripes.

Button Wallet

Button Wallet can avail, trade, and sell cryptocurrency with a telegram app. This is a perfect app for people who trade cryptocurrency on the go. Instead of making use of the third-party platform to trade currencies, they can do it with the Telegram communication app.

The button wallet is basically fast and secured. With this platform, you can maintain trade relations with your friends and also with strangers by using the same payment system without any hurdles. The company received an amount of $600 from Fulgur Ventures.


Notably, Hastee is an app that features employee benefits that permit employers to take a portion of their earned pay on basis of demand. Further, it helps in promoting financial well-being and permits the employees to have more liberty while using their salary according to their needs of earning on the investment made. Notably, Hastee is well-known for its quality services and the kind of value it offers. It allows the employees to take an advance salary while the company makes a sale. The company received funding of $600k from Fulgur Ventures.

Finn AI

Well, Finn AI offers you an opportunity to commute. Without buying a car you can now avail a rented car and make effective use of it. Notably, you need to drive, choose and make payment of the monthly subscription fee. By using Finn, you can choose more than one car which depends on your current subscription plan. Whenever the need arises you can upgrade the plan. The company received funding of €8.8M from HV Holtzbrinck Ventures


It is the CNote that believes that the finical products must not only serve few wealthy individuals. Notably, CNote rewards are money savers along with financial plans which helps in earning passive income. CNote makes use of as much as 2.5% profit in earnings annually. Moreover, the company is certified by the US treasury and utilizes U.S. Treasury certifies finance institution known as CDFI. However, the money-savers can enjoy low-risk, high-yielding returns by inclusive economic investment. 

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