Leading India’s Startup Boom: The Top 5 Emerging Angels

With over 50,000 businesses presently functioning across numerous industries, India’s startup ecosystem has been expanding quickly in recent years. By 2025, it is anticipated that the Indian startup ecosystem would be valued at $1.5 trillion, according to a NASSCOM estimate. Angel investors are essential to this growth since they help firms with creative ideas by investing them in the early stages. There are a number of new angel investors who have had a big impact on the Indian startup ecosystem, particularly in the million dollar and higher quantum investment range. In this post, we’ll examine the top 5 up-and-coming angel investors in the $1 million quantum investment club.

Prateek Toshniwal

By syndicating $2 million in investments in 127 startups since 2018, Prateek Toshniwal has established himself as a leader in the Indian startup ecosystem. He is skilled at spotting prospective businesses and giving them the tools they need to develop and flourish. Several startups in the edtech, finance, SAAS, and agritech sectors have been supported by Prateek. With the long-term objective of expanding his sphere of influence to 500+ companies over the next ten years, he recently invested in businesses like Zypp Electric, EMotorad, Farmse, and SN Biotics.

Rachit Poddar:

Rachit Poddar is a well-known and reputable angel investor who has invested in more than 100 companies overall, including a well-known $100 million venture capital fund called “9 Unicorns” and a startup accelerator called “EvolveX” with the goal of creating a full stack, international startup ecosystem. He specialises on growth-stage startups from Seed to Series B spanning EVs, Fintech, Edtech, Agritech, D2C, etc. as the Co-Founder of Ivy Growth Associates, and he has invested in well-known businesses including Emotorad, Zypp Electric, Escrowpay, Growit, etc. Rachit has a reputation for having keen business judgement and the ability to spot firms with significant development potential. He offers the resources and assistance required for these firms to flourish and grow in the cutthroat Indian market.  

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Puneet Mittal:

Puneet is a very competent person with a wide variety of skills and experiences. He has made investments in businesses like Vidyakul and other Edu-Tech companies. Peesafe, Oben, Blusmart, and other ventures are among his others. He has held memberships in a number of organisations, including Corporate Connections, BNI, and TIE-SURAT. He serves as a mentor to many aspiring businesspeople in Surat and all around the nation. 

Vivek Mittal:

Vineet Mittal is a second-generation businessman who has invested a sizable sum in the field of renewable energy. In 2013, he created Navitas Solar, a manufacturer of solar PV modules. Since then, he has expanded his portfolio to include other sustainable energy businesses like Navitas Alpha, Evify, and Renon India, a startup manufacturer of batteries.  Mr. Mittal’s investments, which seek to lower carbon emissions and advance green technologies, are a testament to his dedication to environmental sustainability.  

Akshay Bhushan:

An up-and-coming angel investor who has been making headlines in the Indian startup sector is Akshay Bhushan. He founded Lightspeed Venture Partners, and at that time, he made investments in a number of profitable businesses, including Oyo, Udaan, and Byju’s. Finding disruptive entrepreneurs and giving them the money and assistance they need to grow is Akshay’s area of expertise. He has made investments in new companies in their early stages, including Darwinbox, Innov8, and ShareChat, and he offers mentoring and advice to help them flourish. The top 5 young angel investors in India’s million-dollar quantum investment club are listed below. Their investments have helped firms scale and grow in addition to providing the required finance. These angel investors will be extremely important in determining the direction of the Indian startup ecosystem as it develops in the future.

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