LPL 2021: Elephant attack in Sri Lanka kills two ground workers individuals


Two ground workers individuals of the Sooriyawewa Stadium in Hambantota had been reported unnecessary in what’s believed to be an elephant attack.

Sooriyawewa Stadium.(Source: Twitter)

The Sri Lanka Board of Cricket on Saturday (December 18) informed that two ground workers individuals had been attacked by an elephant and died shut to the Sooriyawewa Stadium in Hambantota. The attack is believed to private taken situation at night on December 14.

The crucial parts of this horrific incident private no longer been disclosed entirely, nonetheless it’s far being speculated that the incident is a end result of a sole elephant. The bodies of two workers individuals, who had been returning home by procedure of cycle after work around 9 pm, had been found several metres apart.

The incident occurred shut to the stadium, a week earlier than the Lanka Premier League matches shifting from Colombo to Hambantota for the knock-out stages and Last. The Eliminator and first Qualifier will occur on December 19.

Elephant assaults are frequent in rural Sri Lanka with the human-elephant battle a longstanding distress. This distress has been a most valuable headache for Sri Lanka since the conclude of the 30-yea-frail civil war in 2009 following which the country’s construction plans saw areas previously straddled by native flora and fauna encroached upon by other folks resulting in habitat loss.

Seriously, Hambantota is one of many areas which has been most affected as closing one year, 10 elephants and 4 other folks had been killed in the position totally. The placement which was as soon as as soon as identified for its flora and fauna, or no longer it’s now throughout a most valuable construction plan. The placement has a port, motorway and airport. The recent metropolis is additionally reportedly the utilization of as a lot as 20,000 acres of land.

The authorities is planning for an elephant management zone nonetheless or no longer it’s level-headed a piece in progress. Earlier this one year, the Hambantota farmers protested relating to the same distress.

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