Lyft Bans a maskless Uber passenger, Assaulting driver: Caught on video

San Francisco- Updates from the last matter happened during an uber ride, where women caught coughing on the driver just because he said to wear a mask. They were captured yelling obscenities at him after he canceled the ride because they weren’t wearing masks on Tuesday 9th March’2021. 

A woman is seen coughing on an Uber driver. (Subharkar Khadka)

Later, one of the women posted a video on social media in which she shows some guilt for her actions but continues to rail against and blamed the driver for ending her ride in the middle of the highway and even demanding her group (friends) leave his vehicle.

Meanwhile, going through all this, The rival company “Lyft” said in their tweet- they will also ban a passenger seen in the video assaulting a San Francisco uber Driver after being told to wear a mask.

The women also posted one video telling what all happened before and it’s not full footage of what’s seen in the video released by Khadka. 

The official Instagram handle @keepinupwforeign has uploaded several videos of the incident that happened yesterday that Khadka telling them to leave the car and it was all in the refusal to do so. 

Re-shared video of the women caught in the video assaulting driver. Sources: Twitter

She also stated in another video that she won’t get out until another Uber comes to get them. Then the driver tells them to get out and he is going home. while replying to him the woman said that please wait or stay or they will be going home with him, before adding – you don’t want me to know where you live. 

Lastly, the rival cab service providers “Lyft” clearly stated they won’t permit these passengers and are being disturbed by the happening. To take better precautions, they said they will be banning these passengers for assaulting and misbehaving with the Uber driver. 

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