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MacKenzie Bezos Gives Back 75% Amazon Stock And Voting Control

Finally, the 26-year-old marriage comes to an end with great news for Jeff Bezos. Today morning she announced over twitter about officially finishing the process of their marriage. Along with the news, she made it public that she has passed on all of her interest in Washington Post and Blue Origin. Also, she gave away her 75% of Amazon Stock and voting control to her ex-husband supporting his continued contribution with the teams and companies.

She summed it up with saying that she is very grateful having finished her marriage case officially dissolved, she is looking forward to her own plans.

She was not only a business partner with Jeff Bezos, but she is also a well-known writer. She published one novel in 2005 under the name “The Testing of Luther Albright”. She also won an American Book Award for its best description of psychological fiction.

A few months back Jeff Bezos announced the pending divorced on twitter saying they will continue living their lives as friends. Currently, Amazon stock market is trading at $1,813.02. The couple’s combined stock value is $143 billion. MacKenzie is having shares worth around $35.6 billion, while Jeff Bezos’ shares are at $107.4 billion.

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