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Mahindra reaffirms belief in the South African market with a new facility

Recently, it showed Mahindra South Africa has reaffirmed its faith in South African by beginning a new parts warehouse. It is a third larger than its cold facility. 

Rajesh Gupta, CEO of Mahindra South Africa- “Mahindra has been identified as the fastest-growing volume brand for two of the last three years as we welcomed a record number of new owners to the fold”. He also added- “This growth in our vehicle sales and the rapid rise in franchised dealers have necessitated the larger warehouse”.  

Mahindra is seeking new opportunities to grow in more markets and putting more trust into the South African market by initiating more means and business ways via new facilities. 

Besides being significantly larger than its forerunner, the new warehouse is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology that tracks all parts in real-time. 

Meanwhile, Gupta said- “the new warehouse has been designed to significantly speed up our order filling and dispatch process. As all parts are tracked and dispatched electronically, we can fill orders much faster than before and ship them within hours of receipt”. 

South Africa is still on its run and needs to make a lot of effort in different sectors. Moreover, Mahindra wants to make the whole process seamless and let people get better services at their doorstep without any further delay. 

Lastly, the Mahindra warehouse is situated at the convergence of the three major highways serving South Africa’s economic hub of Gauteng province, more soothing the delivery of orders. The new warehouse was officially opened on Thursday’2021 and it has been on its trial since November 2020. 

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