Mazda2 1.5 Hazumi: Japan’s substitute to the ubiquitous VW Polo

By Jarryd Neves, Motoring correspondent

The Volkswagen Polo is positively the darling of South African roads. To name the compact and classy B-section hatchback favorite would possibly per chance possibly be an underestimation. Its got a ways-reaching charm, attracting investors from all age groups and earnings brackets. Power one and likewise youll realize; the puny German is exceptionally competent and, with the exception of the tasteful styling, presents loads of safety capabilities and unrivalled safe quality.

A total of 1,221 examples had been supplied in November and therein lies the effort. With a starting designate of R311,800, its not a particularly low-designate automobile. So what attain you attain whilst you would possibly per chance possibly possibly be within the marketplace for a compact hatch stuffed with safety tools and myriad luxuries, nonetheless are desirous to stand out from the Polo-driving crowd?

Possibly the Mazda2 will charm. It indubitably does to me, the littlest offering from Hiroshima is one of my favourite B-section hatchbacks. First viewed in 2015, a fresh facelift has updated the styling, brought extra tech and capabilities and added a dollop extra energy.

The Mazda2 is a joy to pilot, offering thrill-a-minute handling and dynamics. Naturally aspirated 1.5-litre engine is perky, too.

The take a look at unit became once painted in a savory coloration of white, moderately sweetly called Snowflake White Pearl. In the coloration, it looks to be as demure as any different white automobile. Park it within the solar, nonetheless, and the steel flakes within the lacquer reach alive, engaging beautifully; apt on the correct side of tasteful. Paired with upmarket-taking a gaze 16-hump alloy wheels, the two is a sublime-taking a gaze hatch.

A revised grille, LED headlamps and redesigned taillamps all play their phase, culminating in a restrained yet swish supermini. Step internal and, being the differ-topping Hazumi model, youre bombarded by an array of usual capabilities. Prod the starter button (the Hazumi capabilities keyless entry and hunch) and a head-up train their private praises rises from the dashboard. As with the CX-30 reviewed a pair of weeks support, the twos infotainment machine is controlled via a central scroller. Tech-obsessed patrons would possibly per chance possibly scoff at this nonetheless the very fact is that Mazdas MZD Connect infotainment machine is intuitive and the least distracting.

Someplace else within the internal, you are going to accept climate management, electrical dwelling windows and side mirrors, satellite navigation and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity. The seat make is to be counseled. Trimmed in an even wanting French Blue, the leather and suede pews brighten up the internal and lend a sense of occasion to the cabin. They tumble immediate of perfection, though, as further thigh toughen would possibly per chance possibly be liked.

Mazdas MZD Connect infotainment machine is a joy to utilize. Its unbiased rich with routine satellite navigation.

One thing the Mazda can’t be critiqued for is routine safety tools. The routine suspects (ABS, brake relieve, steadiness management) are all train their private praises, nonetheless the two boasts luxurious automobile capabilities comparable to blind earn 22 situation relieve and lane departure warning. Six airbags are integrated while a reverse digital camera and rear parking sensors round off the intensive tools record. As expected from Mazda, internal quality is stellar; the fit and elevate out of the twos cabin is kind of class leading.

The set it does falls immediate is on rear passenger condominium. The rear bench feels pokey and adults taller than 1.8 m will desire for headroom. Knee room is appropriate, though, nonetheless things can feel a contact exiguous if those up front are lanky. The boot, measuring 280 litres, trails within the support of opponents comparable to the Polo, which possesses a voluminous 351 litres of packing baggage condominium.

Possibly the finest enchantment is within the approach it drives. The 1.5-litre petrol engine produces 85 kW and 148 Nm and, while which will sound middling, shoves the Mazda2 down the boulevard with gusto. Paired with a six-tempo automatic gearbox, the hatchback from Hiroshima shifts easily and without hesitancy, while paddle shifters give the driver guide management over the cogs. The naturally aspirated powertrain pulls strongly, with loads of punch from standstill.

The differ-topping derivative is dripping with capabilities and abilities (guide model confirmed, not on hand in SA with Hazumi tidy).

You can bewitch the Mazda by the scruff of its neck and hustle the hatch via bends, and it shows no signs of complaining. As a substitute, it welcomes enthusiastic driving, the well-sorted chassis and perfectly judged steering make it an absolute hoot to chuck around corners. Despite the compact dimensions, the two has a longer wheelbase than each and every the Polo and Citroën C3, two of essentially the most cosy vehicles in this class. Yet, it doesnt jog moderately besides as either. That’s to not yelp the Mazda is wretched, a ways from it. Nonetheless over bumps and potholes, it’s not as mild as the Polo or moderately as supple as the C3.

Whereas competitors draw on puny ability, turbocharged engines to greater gasoline consumption, Mazdas Skyactiv-G abilities makes use of a excessive compression ratio (14.0:1) that permits for improved engine effectivity. This, says the logo, presents a 15% development in economy when when when in contrast with Mazdas old petrol engines. The 2s gasoline consumption is rated at 6.0 litres/100 km. I managed to almost match that, averaging 6.3 over my week of commuting in net page visitors.

With the exception of for a compact boot and exiguous rear quarters, the Mazda2 is an extremely though-provoking automobile. Whats to not treasure? It looks to be like fabulous, drives even greater and is blessed with tools ranges that wouldnt gaze out of earn 22 situation in a Mercedes-Benz. Yet, at the discontinue of the day, it’s quiet a B-section hatchback and R376,300 is a hefty sum to pay for a automobile of this dimension. You would possibly possibly possibly argue equally equipped opponents retail for across the the same designate, nonetheless within the event you gaze at what else is on offer (comparable to Mazdas greater CX-3) it becomes advanced to elaborate.

The 2 is a fascinating puny automobile nonetheless the pricing of the Hazumi model is advanced to push apart. Whereas you require a trendy, compact hatch that isnt a Polo, I’d suggest the two in a heartbeat nonetheless with a caveat. Forego some luxuries and hunch for the more affordable (albeit less well-equipped) Particular person model at R350,400.

Spending time within the support of the wheel of 1 of my favourite puny hatches, the @Mazda_SA. Very frugal, well-constructed and comprehensively specced. This R376 300 Hazumi model has a head-up train their private praises, satellite navigation and fair correct-wanting blue leather seats. In the within the intervening time averaging 5.7L/100 km. pic.twitter.com/zDxEybgaGh

— Jarryd Neves (@JarrydNeves) December 6, 2021

Lickety-split Facts:

Mazda2 1.5 Hazumi

Mark: R376,300

Vitality: 85 kW/148 Nm

Gasoline consumption: 6.0 L/100km (claimed)

High tempo: 184 km/h

Competitors: Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 70 kW Life, Citroën C3 1.2T Shine

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