Medical emergency start-up Red.Health introduces air ambulance services across the Middle East as well as India


RED is an emergency medical company financed by Kalaari Capital. In more than 550 places, health has begun offering air ambulance services in an effort to securely remove patients from any terrain.

In order to give persons in need of medical care access to dependable, high-quality care, RED Health was established as StanPlus in 2016. Their dedication to this objective, in their opinion, is what drove them to rise to the top of the emergency response service providers in India throughout the years. With an emphasis on accessibility and superior customer service, RED.Health’s purpose is to deliver life-saving emergency treatment to every Indian.

The business changed its name and broadened its offerings in 2023 in order to provide a comprehensive platform for medical support. RED Health is here to support you and your loved ones through emergency response, ongoing care, and recovery. At RED Health, we think everyone should have access to high-quality medical care. In order to make sure you get the finest treatment possible during your time of need, we are here to help you and your loved ones through every stage of your health care journey.

They assert that their goal is to become India’s premier provider of emergency care, providing a wide range of products and services to ensure that everyone can access emergency care. In order to give our patients, the finest care possible, we work to be a leader in the field. To do this, we use cutting-edge technology and novel methods.

The launch of the on-demand ambulance service RED.Health has introduced air ambulance services (RED Air Guardian) in more than 550 places across India, using 25+ aircraft. Each air ambulance is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, clinical procedures, and a team of highly trained critical care specialists.

RED.Health intends to modernise the broken air ambulance business, reduce operational costs, and assemble a team of clinical professionals capable of safely evacuating patients from any terrain or location. “RED Air Guardian not only provides air transport for medical emergencies, but also surface transportation to and from the airport.” “We manage 25+ aircrafts parked at airports across India, as well as 10+ aircrafts parked in various parts of the world to cater to overseas air evacuation,” said the RED.Health said in a statement.

Indian cities like Raipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, etc., as well as Middle Eastern cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, and Doha, are among the important markets for the emergency medical services provider. In addition to using helicopters to evacuate patients from inaccessible locations, RED AIR Guardian also provides remote evacuation, bed-to-bed transfers, airport-to-airport transfers, and repatriation services without having access to airports. It claims to arrive at the scene of any emergency within 8 to 15 minutes.

In a statement, Prabhdeep Singh, the founder and CEO of RED.Health, said: “We are now prepared to save more and more lives in regions of the nation where specialised or advanced medical facilities are lacking. In an emergency, our air ambulance service can help patients who need to be transported a long way to a specialised medical centre… With this new venture, we are steadfastly moving closer to realising our vision of a 911 system for Indian healthcare.

By the end of 2023, RED.Health hopes to have expanded to over 600 cities after partnering with more than 100 hospitals and 70 businesses since its founding in 2016. The startup is supported by a number of financiers, including Kalaari Capital, Pegasus FinInvest, HealthQuad, HealthX Capital Singapore, Hyderabad Angels, INSEAD Angels (Asia), and CM Diamant (a chain of hospitals and medical facilities in Canada and Africa), among others. According to Tracxn, it has raised over $20 million over the course of 5 rounds.

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