Meet Adam Dipert, the Online page Juggler

Right here’s a chain of videos demonstrating space juggling as completed by physicist and circus performer Adam Dipert who goes by, effectively, The Online page Juggler. If you’re questioning what space juggling is barely believe you are gut this means that of you are perhaps factual.

When learning to juggle in weightlessness, the foremost thing to realise is that the balls will cross in straight traces. They obtained’t cross in parabolas like we’re all dilapidated to.

Okay, okay, technically he’s no longer genuinely juggling in space. He’s the utilize of a harness and juggling on the bottom to simulate zero gravity. It be restful very keen, but whenever you occur to earn your self outraged by these videos it’s perfectly understandable. It hurts to be sold a space juggler and then presented with a ceiling-striking floor juggler. It be like every time I level to up for a Tinder date and the opposite particular person wonders why I am with out note no longer Timothée Chalamet like my title and photos urged.

Retain going for a bunch of videos of Adam “space” juggling along with a video showing how he came up with the premise and his rig to simulate the zero-g setting. No, he’s no longer in space but it’s restful very keen.

3 Ball:

3 Ball Shower:

3 Balls Spinning:

4 Balls Parallel:

4b to 5b – Shower-Windmill-Shower

An interview with Adam Dipert showing how he came up with the premise and the rig he’s the utilize of:

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