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Mitsubishi Express van got zero test rating in ANCAP test

Recently, the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) seen countable for independent crashes of brand new vehicles stated by the Mitsubishi Express van. It is the first car, that failed the test with a single star score in its local test program.  

This caused, Mitsubishi to face several questions over its newly launched van after it became the first ever vehicle to receive a zero-star rating from safety tests. It has also been predicted that it could result in moving out from the competition for corporate fleets as it is heavily focusing on strong safety scores, proposing the automotive industry to question ANCAPs. 

But even with this rating, Mitsubishi clearly stated that it has no plans to stop sales of the first car from getting minimal score. They flung the van as a workhorse that can function as a moving functional office for business operations on the go. But in contradiction, the ANCAP found it lacked up-to-date crash avoidance technology while pointing out notable threats of injury to drivers, chances of severe chest and neck injuries, a lack of large airbag coverage, and other notable modern safety systems were not to their full extent. 

Mitsubishi Van during automotive test. Sources: Internet

In 2013, Mitsubishi dropped one previous model from an earlier range which followed all the needed safety concerns, and later in 2020, it reintroduced the express while it joined Nissan and Renault to become one of the world’s largest car companies with highly exclusive automotive. But even, returning to Australia after a long pause of 7 years, it couldn’t embark on its presence as it got a zero-rating score in ANCAP’s safety test. 

The van received an 85% on adult occupant protection on user occupant and 40% when it comes to protection of road cyclists and pedestrians, which ANCAP which was “below par”. 

Lastly, on the other hand, a passenger-oriented mover version of Renault’s Trafic earned a 3-star Euro NCAP score in 2015. It added that the car doesn’t meet the full safety rules and is not ready to trade Mitsubishi. The Japanese company says its van was designed while keeping in mind the 2015 test protocols. 

Mitsubishi says- “there has been a vital movement in the application of driver assistance technologies since that time, which has been indicated in the new NCAP protocols versus which this van has been tested. “ 

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