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Mocemsa Perfumes Amplify the Idea of Vertical Perfumery: Pulkit Malhotra, Cofounder

Pulkit Malhotra, Cofounder

How do you think one captures the scent of a diverse country like India? Is it always just through the traditional best perfume for men and best women perfume notes of jasmine or rose? Or, could it be a tinge of the masala tea and the spicy aroma of pepper within fragrances? How do you end up imagining places through scents? How does one embrace memories, capturing them in a bottle? How does the perfume bottle design complement the scented liquid it carries? The answers to these questions are the notions of modern perfumery being practised by Indian perfumers like Mr Pulkit Malhotra, Cofounder of Mocemsa Perfumes, who is breaking stereotypes by highlighting vertical perfumery and trying to raise the bar for Indian fragrances. 

The fragrance industry is evolving every day from synthetic to luxury and now the blend of organic as well as luxury. With the thought of bringing innovation and spreading the fragrance of positivity, Cofounder of Mocemsa Perfumes, Pulkit Malhotra is contributing tremendously to the beauty and fashion as well as fragrance industries. Mr Malhotra has studied the art of perfume-making at the Grasse Institute of Perfumery. Further, he has become an inspiration for many because of his innovative ideas and the revolutions he has brought about in colognes.

Taking Mocemsa Perfumes To Greater Heights

Mocemsa has become one of the bestselling and widely used perfume brands in a global span, all thanks to its aesthetically crafted and unique perfume collections. Mr Malhotra has put in incredible efforts to educate the Indian consumer on how to buy a perfume by exploring different colognes as required. His skills and learning experiences have contributed immensely to making Mocemsa a celebrated perfume brand.  His collection of perfumes are the perfect blend of ancient traditions and luxurious aesthetics. From bringing together fragrances from all around the world to capturing them in beautifully designed bottles to encouraging customers to try his couture scents, Pulkit has done it all. 

And, to top it off, he has created such delightful olfactory experiences in the form of Studd Eau De Parfum for men, Celeb Eau De Parfum for women and others, that once a buyer tries his creations, he or she never hesitates to come back for more. With the idea of making luxury affordable to all, Mr Pulkit has prepared every fragrance using pure ingredients from nature. 

Mocemsa Vertical Perfumery Pyramid

Mocemsa perfumes for women and men bridge the gap between kinds of mood, places, colour and different cultures across the world. Each bottle contains alluring aromas like the exotic scents of nature, woods, spices, florals and fruits. “I have never refrained from experimenting with smells across nature and places. Through our perfumes, we intend to bring nature to the forefront by capturing experiences of rain, trees, fruits, rivers and wherever I travel,” says Pulkit. The fragrance blends are exclusively handcrafted following the idea of vertical perfumery where the top, middle and base notes last longer than expected. 

The idea of vertical perfumery has made Mocemsa, one of the best luxury perfume brands that facilitate exceptional olfactory experiences. their fragrances attract buyers several notches higher than other perfume brands present in the market. Pulkit believes that fragrance defines your personality and when you choose a perfume you look for the perfect fragrance that suits you, however, when the fragrance fades away sooner it will disappoint you. Further to this, Pulkit explains, “Mocemsa will never disappoint its customers with the idea of vertical perfumery.” Its exemplary aromas have created a buzz globally alongside establishing Pulkit as a renowned name in the modern perfume industry.

Transforming The Indian Land Of Olfactory Indulgence

To conclude, while on one hand, India has served as a legendary land of olfactory indulgence where ittar, incense and aromatherapy have existed for ages now, on the other hand, modern perfumery has transformed it with sophisticated, marketing-driven, perfume choices, but, with a traditional touch.

Considering this new metamorphosised landscape, perception and scale, exist two of the most difficult challenges that a perfume house faces in India. Growing leaps and bounds as an independent perfumery also mean developing strong persuasion skills to convince retail outlets to stand up to market leaders and share shelf space. The second such obstacle is the limited marketing budgets, as extra efforts are called for to find the right consumer and make them aware of the product so that they come back for more. And, Mocemsa following the vision of its Founders, Mr Pulkit Malhotra and Mr Paarth Malhotra, has stood tall combating all hurdles along the way.

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