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More New Rafales land in India, strength is now at 14

India got three more Rafale Fighter Jets, landed on Wednesday from France. They will join the Golden Arrows Squadron in Ambala. These jets will flow directly from France and will be offered mid-air refueling by the UAE, as discussed between the nations before. 

Having strong relations between India and UAE, UAE didn’t hesitate and agreed to provide the service before and even for the later jets. France wasn’t chosen for the refueling service, due to the past experience. 

These planes were expected to land in Gujarat at 7 pm. And the installation of the fresh jet will take the Squadron’s strength to 14. 

As per the early decisions, the subsequent batch of nine fighter jets will be coming in April. Out of these five will be installed at Hashimara airbase in West Bengal. 

On Tuesday, Ambassador of France Emmanuel Lenain said to India- that five extra Rafale jets will be transported to India by the end of this month (April). 

He added- “it’s the matter of great pride that we have been able to deliver on schedule and even ahead of schedule in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ambassador speaking in Kochi. 

The Fighter jets are powered by two M88-3 Safran engines with a thrust of 73-kilo newton. It is implemented with top-of-the-line smart weapon systems and designed for optimum corrosion to the foe. 

Moreover, the aircraft joining was started in July and August in 2020 and was quickly operationalized by the Air Force in a short time span. It has been deployed for the purpose of patrolling along the China front in eastern Ladakh and other fronts. 

Lastly, India had ordered a total of 36 of these Rafale Fighter Jets from France in September 2016 and by the end of April, more than 50 percent of these jets would have been delivered to India. These two-engine jets are capable of carrying out a type of mission such as ground and sea attack, air superiority, air-defense, and surveillance. India’s defense industry is flourishing immensely and adding more and more advanced weaponry. 

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