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Narendra Modi Wins Reader’s Poll For World’s Most Powerful Person 2019: British Herald

Online British Magazine poll proves that Primeminister of India Sri Narendra Modi is the worlds powerful person. see below what it says:

London: The VERDICT is out! The readers of the British Herald has voted for Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India as the World’s Most Powerful Person 2019, beating out other world leaders and politicians among people who were voted by our readers.

Good or bad, power is a combination of many important factors that enable leaders to shape the world. But only a select few possess the political clout to effect global change. For better or worse, their decisions affect millions and change nations. However, these poll results provide a look at how the world sees these figures.

More than 25 world icons were in the nomination list and a judging panel of experts named four final candidates for the prestigious title. The evaluation of the selection process was based on extensive study and research of all these figures.

Unlike the regular voting system, the British Herald readers had to vote through a mandatory one-time password (OTP) process to validate their vote. Surprisingly, while the voting was on, our website crashed as many voters were trying to vote for their preferred leaders, generating about three million hits in a week.

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