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National Informatics Centre – Government of India.

In today’s modern world – Digital world is growing rapidly, back in 1975 there was a need to collect, store and process data by providing information,knowledge and digital products through E- Platform in government departments for the public.

 Government felt the need to set up a National informatics Centre to facilitate planning and programme implementation  for the social and economic development of the country. The term “Informatics’ according to Oxford Languages means -” the science of processing data for storage and retrieval’

            In 1976, the Minister of Electronics and Information Technology set up the National Informatics Centre ( NIC) as a technology partner for the government of India. Informatics or Information science is the science of processing the data for storage, often employing computers.

This Centre is headquartered in Delhi in India and provides infrastructure for all the communication technologies that include –  Nation wide satellite based computer communication network termed as NICNET, National video conferencing, National wireless network and data centres,Computers,software,social networking,internet, cell phones etc where the government programmes and policies could be implemented and linked between state, district and the central government resulting in better communication between the government and its public.


       To accomplish a supreme position in providing the latest technology – driven solutions thereby contributing towards the social and economic growth of the country.


   “To promote and provide transparent value added ICT (Information and Communication Technology) 

Procurement services and business solutions to customers at competitive prices with a focus on socio – economic development” (As mentioned in the NICSI_Mandate.pdf)


  •  To encourage enhanced computers and computer communication services at the NIC.
  • To provide total Io IT solutions  to the central and state governments for the socio and economic development of the country.
  • To promote usage of NICNET,informatics and ICT networks development of the country   


  • NIC has been successful in designing informatics- led development in the Central, state and district blocks of the government and  promoting digital opportunities for the continuous development of the country.
  • NIC has helped in setting up E- Government / E- Governance applications or programmes for the government to interact with the public and Government offices. The idea is to bring the entire nation under one digital platform

          and granting digital rights to the public.

  • NIC through the help of Information and Communication Technology (NICNET) has Institutional Linkages with all the departments of the Central Government ;-.

           a)  28 State Governments

          b)  1 National Capital Territory of Delhi

          c)  6 Union Territories

          d)  600 District Administrations of India.

  • NIC has been playing a very crucial role in designing software for improving the delivery services ( eg- Health Care) run by the government departments at the State or district level.
  • NIC has been constantly providing tech support – 

a) Upgrading their services  by using the latest technology.

b) Focused on Innovation – they are constantly experimenting and providing the best possible solutions in all ICT related domains.

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