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National Museum hosts Historical Gastronomica-The Indus Dining Experience in New Delhi

The National Museum is to host a unique exhibition on India’s ancient food history “Historical Gastronomica-The Indus Dining Experience” that dates back to more than 5000 years ago. The exhibition will be held from 19-25 February 2020 in New Delhi. Organizing Team: The event is organized by the National Museum, OSMS, and Fabrica by Chef Saby. It is truly a Made in India event with an international appeal. Historical Gastronomica-The Indus Dining Experience: The Indus Dining Experience was curated jointly by the National Museum and One Station Million Stories (OSMS). The exhibition showcases an impressive collection of Indus valley Civilization artefacts.  The Indus Valley Civilization gallery has one of the world’s most significant collections of Indian civilization.  The gallery will display the famous Bronze Dancing Girl, which was excavated from Mohenjodaro, a Harappan site.  The Indus Dining Experience is based on archaeological research, museum artefacts and their characteristics. The Museum features: (i) an illustrative story of man’s food history since his evolution and continues to conclude at the Indus-Saraswati Civilization (ii) Gallery Walk-The Use of Harrapan pottery and artefacts (iii) Food Tasting: finger-food samplers and dinners.  It demonstrates the evolution of first humans due to food habits, learned to distinguish edible from non-edible substance, food processing techniques and related architecture of the Harappans.

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