New COVID variants identified in Florida: more cases found in California

On Thursday, Florida health officials said that the Covid-19 variant was first detected in the United Kingdom which is also found in the patient of Florida, making it the third state to report the strain.

After the identification of the variants, the officials in San Diego Country, California said that the strains which are known as B.1.1.7.,has been found in three more people in San Diego country by raising the number of confirmed cases to four.

The COVID-19 variants are believed to be more transmissible rather than deadly. Health officials said that there is no evidence that vaccines are less effective against it. As per Canada’s chief public health officer, the variants have been found in other countries, including Canada, and also cases reported in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec.

On Wednesday, the state epidemiologist said Colorado was the first state to announce a confirmed case of the variant that was found in a National Guard member. The confirmed case was announced on Tuesday.

California announced its first case in a San Diego man, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Wednesday.

In Florida, the state Health Department tweeted that the strain was first identified in a 20-years-old man in Martin Country without any travel history. This country is on Florida’s east coast, South of Port St. Lucie.

On Wednesday, the San Diego Country announced the California case of a 30-year-old man without any travel history. The three new cases were all men among them two in their 40s and the other one in his 50s.

The country said in a statement, “The discovery of the additional cases leads County Health Officials to believe that the new strain of the virus is widespread in the community.”

A rise in the COID-19 cases is threatening to overwhelm California’s hospitals. On Thursday, in a single day, San Diego Country reported the highest number of new deaths, 62.

The best way to avoid getting what is referred to as the U.K. variants by washing hands, keeping away from the crowd, maintaining social distance, and wearing a mask.

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