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NEWS: China to alter Hong Kong’s electoral system

China is planning to alter Hong Kong’s electoral system as part of its wider Crackdown on crack down on dissent in Hong Kong this after more than 50 pro-democracy leaders and activists were arrested last week Beijing feel their opposition May strengthen its position in the Hong Kong Assembly elections in the city of oralia postponed to September this the looker lavaris fears according to the report China’s planning to further delay the pool report on that China was aiming to change the cities political system to curtail the influence of the pro-democracy camp cam on a on a 1200 person election committee which will select Hong Kong’s next chief Executive in 2002 not remember just days ago China Chyna arrested for Hong Kong Authority news arrested 15th Street Road democracy activist in Hong Kong and what was the biggest track down yet on the floor democracy movement be n ng in Palm ol impose the new National Security Law in Hong Kong I to ld o ite told Reuters of the latest arrests were part of a wave of ongoing actions to silence the activist learn to code make sure Hong Kong doesn’t fly back to what we saw 18 months ago ago ago ago”

Mark the oldest public revolt against China’s leaders since the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989 North the arrest of 453 pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong had drawn widespread condemnation from across the world including the United Kingdom the United States of America the United Nations and the European Union and China Hat head back at all those claims saying that the world was attempting to interfere in China China’s internal issues but now Reuters has come out with this new report sighting several sources close to the Hong Kong Administration saying that Beijing actually power in Hong Kong and have hemp Beijing is taking steps to curb the opposition in Hong Kong according to Reuters report Chinese officials without discussing ways to change the electoral system to a dress code and code deficiencies in the political structure and The source added. The elections might be further delayed and the code The Source said and I quote it will likely shake up the whole political place pics of China goes ahead with such a move it is likely to impact the one nation to systems

between China and Britain when it comes to Hong Kong and remains to be seen what will be the reaction of the British government which had also opposed the arrest of 53 pro-democracy activists days

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