No Expansion Of Vaccine Exports For Now- India to Focus on domestic immunization

With the rising Covid-19 cases and tension across India, it has decided to focus on meeting the domestic demand for Covid-19 vaccines. It will not expand the export of vaccines for next months, and give more efforts in normalizing the country’s state- said on Wednesday. 

They stated that all the earlier commercial contacts and export commitments will be honored, but no new deals will be initiated. India will continue to help countries around the globe to deal with the covid outbreak. 

Talking about how much India exported, there are nearly 60.4 million doses of Coronavirus vaccines to around 80 countries. Overall supplies and exports include vaccine doses sent as grant assistance, under commercial contract and through COVAX, which is a global initiative aimed at equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines. 

Some of the cited people said- “There will be no extension of exports for the next few months. The situation will be reviewed after around 2-3 months as we are focusing on ramping up vaccine production”. 

Earlier Moves and Initiatives 

On January 20, 2021, India commenced the export of the covid vaccine to foreign countries. It was first done to the neighboring countries and nations. The Indian government has already declared that citizens who are 45 and older can be vaccinated from April 1. It is ramping up nationwide immunization drives as the Covid-19 infections have risen in many states. 

Currently, nearly 47,262 fresh cases in a day are being experienced by India, it is considered to be the highest single-day rise so far in the year 2021. Whereas, overall nationwide cases counted to 1,17,34,058- said by Union Health Ministry. 

It also declared a new “Double Mutant” variant of COVID-19 was detected in the capital city Delhi, Maharashtra, and some other states and districts. Maharashtra is one of those facing much serious prone to infarction, reported 31,855 cases, and getting worse in the past 3 months said to the Health Department. 

Lastly, it would be beneficial and right move to move all the focus on internal scenarios instead of global outbreaks. It is high time to act and normalize covid-19 soon in the nation. 

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