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Now that you can take cow dung, mango leaves on EMI too

You’re going to even fetch colossal reductions on cow dung truffles, mango leaves, Belpatra and additional such things.

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Updated: Aug 13, 2021, 06: 26 PM IST

Today time that you can take a lot of things on straight forward month-to-month instalments (EMI). e-Commerce websites doing industry on-line desire to take dangle of customers in every most likely diagram so they also are if truth be told giving americans this chance.

Curiously, while you wish to fetch ‘Havan’ performed at your own dwelling, that you can now uncover cow dung and cow dung truffles, mango leaves, bel leaves diverse a lot of things on-line thru these e-Commerce websites. What’s extra – while you develop no longer have mighty money to amass, you then can additionally fetch this stuff on EMI. E-commerce necessary Amazon is giving this facility to the shoppers.

As per studies, mango leaves are being supplied on Amazon for Rs 199, (Rs 79 after reduce worth). At the same time, cow dung truffles are being supplied on the price of Rs 2,100 per 500 pieces. Equally, Belpatra, which is ragged in like would possibly maybe additionally additionally be supplied for Rs 444, Tulsi plant is being supplied for Rs 299 and cow urine is being supplied for Rs 249.

Particularly, cow dung truffles have colossal significance in festivals. At the same time, mango leaves are additionally ragged in puja as smartly. It is a ways necessary to have Belpatra to like Lord Shiva. In such a speak, americans can uncover this stuff on-line on EMI. There can even be reductions on their mark while you pay by card.

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