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Oculii, the radar software maker for autonomous vehicles, raises $55 million

The startup that makes software to heighten the resolution of readers that are used in self-driving cars Oculii said on Thursday that it has raised 55 million dollars in its latest funding series. 

Talking about the technology for readers that are widely used in cars to assist with emergency braking, blind-spot detection, and parking assist systems but the low resolution of the image limits its usage stated by Steven Hong the chief executive officer of the date on one of the Ohio startups. 

Hence, the services or software of Oculii can solve this problem and let them use the cars to their ultimate potential. The artificial intelligence software has developed can boost The reader resolution by hundred times moreover the picture created by the software looked similar to images and maps created using lidar, a laser sensor used in self-driving cars. 

The CEO said that our particular approach is developing on existing market-proven hardware that has been deployed at a very low cost. With the software, it can achieve great resolutions quickly improving, and scaling to exceed the performance of these lidar sensors. 

The market research shows that prices of lidars are reducing but still, they remain an expensive option to use in mass-manufactured products including cars. 

Moreover, some of the companies say that they still need lidars as they can be useful in the robotaxi future. 

The company is already testing with some autonomous car companies in China and North America while using cameras and radars. They are also selling kids that can be well deployed into autonomous robots and even drones other than cars. 

The company was founded by Hong with his father Lang Hong. They have been working in the same field for a very long time and even decades.

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