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OYO to pay 8 months full salary as part of COVID-19 bereavement support: Ritesh Agarwal

New Delhi- OYO the giant decided to support the families of the employees who have lost their lives did to covid. It announced to pay 8 months to pay in full and support the education of their children for around 5 years as part of bereavement support. It has been said on Wednesday. 

The founder said in the tweet- ‘COVID-19’s second wave has been devastating for many. During this time, the well-being of OYOpreneurs and their families is our utmost priority. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues have lost their battle with COVID-19 & we hope that our bereavement support will help their kin. 

The company stated that it will support the families of its employees who have lost their lives due to covid-19. Apart from the eight-month salary, it will also term insurance payout which will be equal to 3 years of their annual pay. It will extend medical coverage to spouses plus children. 

This has been decided to help people and ease out the difficulties faced by the families. 

Moreover, other than statutory benefits the employee’s legal nominees will be granted an opportunity to liquidate and settle the best options upon the occurrence of the next liquidity event.

The company said that around 200 volunteers across over 50 cities continue to help the current employees to extend the covid support and resources including Oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies. 

Lastly, it has been tweeted that we won’t stop hair fall in addition to our existing covid employee policies. We want to do more not just for our employees but also for our extended families around there.

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