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Patanjali launched its new range of “Nutrela” Products, For Nutraceutical Business

Swami Ramdev launched 100 percent vegetarian, preservative-free nutraceutical goods in the medicinal, sports, and general nutrition categories under the “Patanjali” and “Nutrela” brands.

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited has entered the nutraceuticals and wellness goods category, demonstrating the desire to manufacture cheap nutrition supplements that may reach the public and contribute to “Healthy India / Swastha Bharat.”

In an exclusive interview with ZeeBusiness Swami, Ramdev launched ten new range of nutraceutical products, The products have joint branding of “Patanjali” and “Nutrela” for packaging, promotion, advertising, and marketing the initial ten products, for which the company has obtained a non-exclusive renewable license to use the “Patanjali” brand for which Ruchi shall pay Patanjali Ayurved Limited a royalty of 1% of the net manufactured volume.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited has researched and produced the whole spectrum of nutraceuticals and wellness products under a contract manufacturing agreement at the state-of-the-art factory located in Patanjali Food and Herbal Park, Haridwar. Patanjali Ayurved Limited has agreed to sign a non-compete agreement for all nutraceutical goods.

The Patanjali has a 20% discount on all the new products, that can be ordered from the ORDERme app by Patanjali Ayurved. Swami Ramdev said that “Nutraceuticals Business is more than 50,000 Cores and starting form 1-2 Percent of market share Patanjali will reach up-to 5-10 Percentage of the global market” Patanjali will not challenge this market but has a target to break it down.

After acquiring Ruchi Soya, Patanjali has more than 20000+ distributors chain in India, and the target is to reach more than 10 lakhs people for Nutrela products. Patanjali is a known brand and has more than 100 Cores of customer base.

The latest product range has: Vitamin B, Vitamin B12, B Complex, Calcium, Iron, Omega, Multivitamin, Weight Gain and etc, in the first launch, in next launch Patanjali has the plan to launch more than 50 such range of Nutrela products.

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