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Post-Blocked Suez Canal, Covid-19 disruptions-Oil Prices Slide

The ongoing disruptions in the trade due to yesterday’s long blockage in Suez Canal, and other hindrances because of Covid-19 pandemic affected the trade timelines, and demands at several points. 

On today’s morning, oil prices slipped around 2 percent as fuel demand concerns re-emerged alongside fresh coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, making things more complex. Ballasting overnight gains pushed by the grounding of a massive container ship “Ever-Given” blocking crude shipments from Tuesday 2021 through the Suez Canal. 

The waterway route is one of the connectors of world trade and the busiest one across the globe due to its connectivity to multiple boundaries. Brent crude peculiarities slid $1.14, or 1.8 percent, to $63.27 a barrel at 0139 GMT, after jumping 6 percent overnight. 

On the other hand, US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude features dropped by $1.27, 2.1 percent, to $59.91 a barrel, after climbing 5.9 percent overnight. The blockage of more than a day is affecting the oil shipment time, its price, and demand drastically. 

Not only this, earlier in the week Prices had tumbled on worries about tighter  covid-19 pandemic restraint in Europe and Vaccine delays derail growth in the demand for fuel, but sharply revered on Wednesday with the blocked ship in the waterway Suez Canal potentially blocking around 10 tankers carrying 13 million barrels of oil, and in total 100s of ships of different things.

The market also helped on Wednesday by Data showing US gasoline demand refurbished and refinery run rates were picking up.  

However, these factors that remain supporting the marketplace were short-lived even though several tug boats struggled to free the standard Suez Canal container ship. 

Hence, the demand concerns remain the same, even the reason in front of our eyes is blockage of the waterway- aid by the Commonwealth Bank Commodities analyst Vivek Dihar.  He added- while all the focus is on the problems arising in Europe, we also have rising COVID cases in places like India and Brazil, developing economies that are critical to sustainable oil demand growth. 

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