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Rani Rampal is one of those women who dedicated her life to hockey and fills India with glory with her triumphs. Rani Rampal, led by Rani, became the first female hockey player in her state to play in the prestigious Olympics when the team competed in Rio de Janeiro. Led by Rani Rampal, who has competed in every major tournament, Sushila captained the team at the 2016 Rio Olympics, India’s first appearance in women’s hockey since the 1980 Olympics.

For captain Rani Rampal, the success story is just the beginning of the game, as he hopes to achieve another success at the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia next November to help India’s women’s ice hockey team qualify for the Olympics. 2020 Tokyo Olympics. From poverty to an Olympic podium to nearly winning a gold medal, Rani Rampal has proven time and time again that despite the challenges she faces, she won’t hold back.

Rani Rampal competed in the 2009 Championship Challenge in Kazan, Russia, leading India to victory. He also won the Top Scorer and Tournament Young Players trophies. ‘. Indian hockey superstar Rani Rampal was also part of the Rio 2016 Olympic team, the first time an Indian woman has qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 36 years.


India’s women’s ice hockey team is back at the Rio Olympics after a 36-year hiatus thanks to a goal by Lanis against Japan in the IIHF World Hockey League that helped them finish fifth and was later deemed sufficient Get a high position in the Olympics. The Indian women’s ice hockey team reached the semi-finals for the first time, but then suffered two close losses (against Argentina and Great Britain) as they were so close to a historic bronze medal. Despite the loss of a medal, the Olympic sport could well be a watershed moment for women’s hockey in India as a whole. Arguably the most successful Indian female athlete to date, Rani has been with the Indian team since she was 14, when she made her Olympic qualifying debut in 2008.

Rani was born and raised in Haryana’s Kurukshetra area, and hails from a financially disadvantaged family. Rani’s father used to make a measly Rs. 100 per day working as a cart driver. Her entire family used to live in a shanty, including her parents, two brothers, their spouses, and Rani. Rani had only one wish since she was a small child: to improve her family’s status.

It’s even more difficult to pursue a career in sports when you’re from a state where girls are slain before they’re born. Furthermore, Rani’s hometown, Shahabad Markanda, was more conservative than the rest of the country. Rani persisted in persuading her parents for three years. They were concerned that Rani would tarnish the family’s reputation. While playing hockey, she will have to wear short skirts. Thankfully, her parents were able to let go of societal pressure and enable their daughter to pursue her ambition.

At the 2010 World Cup, Rani was named the Best Young Player of the Tournament. She was only 15 years old at the time, and she was the youngest member of the national squad to compete in the World Cup. She finished the tournament with a total of seven goals. Rani was also named Player of the Tournament at the 2013 Junior World Cup.


Rani is now really pleased with how things have turned out for her. She is living her dream and striving to achieve all of her goals. Rani Rampal has gone a long way from living in a shack to building her dream home for her family. She turned every stumbling block in her path into a stepping stone and is a true role model for young girls with big goals.

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