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Ransomware attack hits 4 Asian countries of AXA subsidiary

Recently, a targeted ransomware attack hit 4 countries among Asian operations of Axa Partners, the international subsidiary of Axa insurance group, with some data in Thailand accessed, stated by Axa.

The investigations are going on to examine the impact. In case the investigation confirms sensitive data of any individuals have been affected, the needed steps will be taken to support the bodies that got impacted. It has been found that the contact is recent and does not specify the exact time period it occurred. 

The ransomware attacked IT operations mainly in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Some of the data processed by Inter Partners Asia (IPA) in Thailand has been accessed. 

For safety purposes, the regulators and business partners have been informed. It was first said that the cybercriminals using ransomware called Avaddon to steal data that involves customer information, medical records, and other claims. Hospitals and doctors’ information was also filched. 

Axa is one of the top 5 insurers, it stated that it will stop writing cyber-insurance policies in France that reimburse customers for extension payments made to ransomware criminals.

In addition, the Paris-based group said it was suspending the option in France only in response to grow concern that such reimbursements motivate cyber criminals to demand ransom from organizations they prey on. Once victims of ransomware pay up, the attackers provide software keys to decode the data and information. 

Some of the top victims of cyber attack are in the US, and France. Talking about the damage to Asian bodies isn’t clear yet. 

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