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Razer’s New Smart Glasses Are Up With Built-In Speakers

It seems Razer is taking its new lifestyle branding quite seriously and coming up with unbelievable designs and innovations via Glasses. 

It is one of the top-notch and notable companies for gaming peripherals and laptops. Moreover, it is always up with new experiments and amalgamating other products. with RGB lighting rechargeable and detachable active ventilators with high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) smart Pods. 

Later, it has now introduced the smart glasses Anzu which seem to follow the same concept as Amazon and BOSE in the past. 

These glasses come with inbuilt speakers on the right and left temple allows you to listen to music or even take phone calls whenever you want. Moreover, razor is offering these classes in round and rectangular frames both in small and large size options. Even the design is similar to the Amazon echo frames which are bulky looking at left and right temples. 

If you are thinking of purchasing it then it will be bundled with two sets of lenses that will include a clear pair with 35% protection against blue light. And a pair of sunglass lenses offering 99% UV protection. You will also have the option to fit lenses and even get a deal off at 15% if while opting for these glasses. 

It offers a vibrant array of features with a truly wireless design that you need to charge both sides of the temple. It also has touch-screen controls that make it more fun to use. You can control the music, accept or reject calls, and even invite your phone’s voice helper. It has an omnidirectional mic and Bluetooth 5.1 for enhanced connectivity. The glasses obtained a rating of 5.5 hours of battery life and about two weeks of standby power. One can turn it off while holding the glass. On the other hand, according to the IPX4 rating, Anzu smart sunglasses should be able to control light rain and even sweat. So, you need to make sure to take them off when you go to swim.

These glasses are available at a starting price of around $200 which you can purchase from and even from its motor stores. Prospects in North America will enjoy the option of purchasing them via Best Buy US and Best Buy Canada. So, have your asap!

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