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Recommend your favorite products and earn money from Flipkart

Renowned E-commerce giant Flipkart has now entered into the rising social commerce segment by launching Shopsy on Thursday. This platform will permit the Indians to initiate their businesses that is without any kind of additional investors, as per the Wallmart-owned company.

The company mentioned, “With the ability to influence their local network and fulfill their aspirations, users of Shopsy will be able to share catalogs of a wide selection of 15 crore products offered by Flipkart sellers.” However, the catalog will involve products across fashion, beauty, mobiles, electronics, and home with others.

Moreover, the users can even get registered on the Shopsy app by making use of their phone numbers and start gaining by sharing their handpicked catalog within their network. Notably, the user will soon earn a commission on every order they have placed on the consumer’s behalf. The commission percentage will be varying depending on the category of products that is being ordered.

Well, it is not the first time that Flipkart has experimented with its social commerce play. At the end of July, the company even started experimenting with video commerce as well as refurbished good platform 2Gud.

2GudSocial is no longer accessible and it was life for mobile phones around the same time last year. It permits the content creators to make short videos for selling certain products that are ranging from fashion, retail, mobile, electronics, and accessories.

Further, the launch of Shopsy has incorporated Flipkart within a circle that not only permits the sellers to sell online but even permits the consumers to promote their favorite product and gain through it. It is one of the biggest entries into the Indian social commerce segment that is recently led by the six-year-old Meesho. On the other hand, the other big players in the market were introduced only two-three years ago.

Notably, the Meesho lead to the segment with more than $515 million in funding that is raised to date and is valued at $2.1 billion. Notably, it claimed to have more than 2 million individual entrepreneurs on the platform selling to over 45 million customers. It also claimed to have more than 100,000 registered suppliers in 26,000 pin codes.

Also, it was even followed by DealShare that has raised more than $144 million in the last month and claimed to have a network of around 20,000 community leaders catering to 200,000 consumers.

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