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Researchers discovered a new species of Allosaurus in Utah

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 2 | Issue Month:February | Issue Year:2020

Paleontologists have unveiled a remarkable new species of the meat-eating dinosaur at the Natural History Museum of Utah. It is suspected that the species must have evolved at least 5 million years earlier than fragilis. Allosaurus jimmadseni: ♦ The new meat-eating species has been named dinosaur Allosaurus jimmadseni.  ♦ 5 million years ago, it was the most common and the top predator in its ecosystem. ♦ The researchers stated that the species inhabited the flood plains of western North America during the Late Jurassic Period, between 157-152 million years ago. ♦ Allosauroids are a group of small to large-bodied, two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous periods. ♦ These dinosaurs have a short narrow skull with low facial crests extending from the horns in front of the eyes forward to the nose. It has a relatively narrow back of the skull with a flat surface to the bottom of the skull under the eyes. ♦ The paleontologists earlier thought that only one species of Allosaurus existed in Jurassic North America. But the latest study showed there were two species namely the newly described Allosaurus jimmadseni and Allosaurus fragilis.

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