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Robots are protecting the environment and keeping the sun shining in the dark days of COVID-19 lockdown A robotic start-up is aiming to save billions of liters of water annually with the reduction in CO2 emission by lakhs of tonnes. (Autonomous robotic dry-cleaning systems are saving a million liters of water and thousands of units of clean energy for solar power plants)

Autonomous robotic dry-cleaning systems

Photom Technologies was founded by Mr.Himmat Singh, a passionate engineer turned into an entrepreneur in 2018 with the vision to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable. Mr. Himmat belongs to a small village in Pali district of Rajasthan, his childhood experiences of water and power scarcity motivated him to start this venture.

It is known with the research and analysis that dust deposition on solar cells reduce its efficiency by 20-30 % over a month if not cleaned properly. The existing solution is manual cleaning of panels using water spray which is not efficient and creates scarcity of water in the proximity of the solar plant location. Photom Technologies is targeting to save 3.5 crores liters of water annually and reducing 3 lakhs tonnes of carbon footprints by the end of year 2022.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Photom’s product ‘PBot- An Autonomous Water-less Cleaning System’ is helping utility-scale solar power plants to work at optimum efficiency by cleaning the solar panels. These cleaning systems are equipped with the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning (ML). The water-less cleaning mechanism is saving the millions of liters of water wastage along with an increase in capacity by producing additional units of electricity in thousands for solar power plants. These cleaning systems can be controlled and monitored remotely with the help of a web dashboard. The company is serving large scale developers like Tata Power Solar and JK Group as their initial clients in Rajasthan and Gujarat plants.

Mr. Himmat Singh

Mr. Singh was awarded by Leaders in Innovation Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering, in the United Kingdom in 2019 for his extraordinary work as founder of Photom Technologies. Along with this the company has received various other awards and recognition from platforms organized by Boeing India, India Fund Fest, Lockheed Martin, Climate Launchpad, and Tata Trust. Photom Technologies was in the list of top 100 global energy sector start-ups published by the German energy agency (DENA) and the World Energy Council (WEC) under the Startup Energy Transition Awards (SET 2020). The Start-up has also received the ‘Robotic solar panel cleaning company of the year’ award in December 2019 by EQ International magazine at Suryacon Conference, Ahmedabad.

Photom Technologies have been supported by International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology (iCreate) since its early inception. They have used iCreate’s infrastructure and facilities for the initial research and product development. iCreate is an International center for supporting technology-based entrepreneurs and is inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India, and Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Honourable Prime Minister of Israel.

Photom Technologies team consists of Himmat, Avinash, Satish, Pratik, Narendra, and 5 more people with an interdisciplinary background. Photom Technologies is getting a positive response from the market after COVID-19 lockdown and they are looking to hire more people in the technical team for further research and development.

Photom’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Himmat Singh receiving awards at Suryacon Conference,

Mr. Himmat Singh, Founder and CEO of Photom Technologies says that “Climate change and global warming problems intimidate me in concern to future generations and I am proud to say that we are working to solve these problems by developing potential solutions for reducing carbon footprints and providing access to pollution free electricity for everyone. Our mission is to handover the mother earth to the next generations as cleaner and better place to live”

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