Russia will be launching its Own Space Station in 2025

Moscow- On Tuesday, Russia’s space agency has now decided to launch the orbital station in 2025 as Moscow considered it as withdrawing from the International Space Station programme for going alone.

Roscosmos is the chief Dmitry Rogoniz mentioned that work had begun on the first module of a new station. As soon as the officials warned Russia was now considering pulling out the ISS, which is one of the few successful examples of cooperation with the West.

Moreover, the announcement has now come with tension soaring almost over the espionage claims. Moreover, a Russian troop was build-up along Ukraine’s borders and the deteriorating health of President Vladimir Putin’s imprisoned critic Alexei Navalny.

Rogozin mentioned in a statement, “The first core module of the new Russian orbital station is in the works.”

Even he mentioned that Russia’s Energia Space Corporation was now aiming to have the module ready for launching in the year 2025 and also released a video of Energia staff at the work.

The Space Station will be launching in 1998 and involves Russia, Canada, the United States, and the European Space Agency. Well, ISS is one of the most ambitious international collaborations till now in human history.

In recent days, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov mentioned that Moscow was considered whether to leave the ISS program from 2025 because of the age of the Station. On Monday, Roscosmos mentioned that ISS had now yet been made.

The space agency told AFP in a statement, “When we make a decision we will start negotiations with our partners on forms and conditions of cooperation beyond 2024.”

However, Russia has also lost its monopoly for managing flights to the ISS in the last year after the first successful mission of US Company Space X.

In spite of its much-lauded history, Russia in this month marked the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin that is becoming the first person in orbit. In recent years, the country’s space program has also struggled.

In the current year, Rogozin even made an announcement of a series of ambitious plans but his agency has also struggled under the funding cuts. However, the analyst mentioned Putin is more interested in military technology through space exploration.

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