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Sajeev Nair – The Rockstar in the World of ‘Upgrading Life’

Sajeev Nair is the pioneer of Indian Biohacking and his initiative “Upgrade Life” community is creating waves in the health and wellness space. Biijal Shah caught up with him for a conversation on the life transformative experience of his sessions and the emerging science of biohacking.

1) You are called a “Rockstar” in the arena of life transformation and upgrading life. This domain has been gaining traction in India post 2000s. How do you see it going?

I believe science and technology-backed ‘Biohacking is the Rockstar’ and not me. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon bio-hacking. It was more of an experience of serendipity for me.  Biohacking is perhaps the most important of scientific dimensions that will emerge further in this century. Like psychology and genetics that emerged in the past century, Biohacking will revolutionize and radically transform our human lives and the very paradigm of science too.

Bio-Hacking is modern scientific wisdom made useful and practical in the day-to-day life of a common man. Rather than looking at the very edifice of science as a pursuit of knowledge, biohacking will make it a part of daily life to enhance the experience of living. 

2)What is UPGRADE Life and How can the ordinary Indian rise up to become extraordinary?

Had our ancient forefathers did not aspire to ‘Upgrade’ we would have been perhaps still languishing in caves. Every human being consciously or unconsciously wants to progress, improve, enhance his / her life. Our “Upgrade Life” program and the Superhuman Tribe Community are the perfect platforms to upgrade oneself. This is not a mere ‘self-help’ community where we get inspired by speeches or talks. This is a community with privileged access, backed by scientific research, and empowered by doctors and health & wellness professionals

As a life transformation coach myself, with a career spanning over 2 decades, I have taken sessions for more than 1.6 million people. When I look deep into the transformational dynamics of humans, I began to realize that there is a deeper dimension than ‘talking and psychological level’. Thus I began to scientifically investigate more into the neurological level and biohacking possibilities. 

3)What are the real-life benefits of biohacking and are there any side effects?

Would all of us not want improved life performance, enhanced memory, heightened alertness, and more vigor in life. Biohacking makes this possible. There are positive effects and no side effects to bio-hacking. This is not medication but “nutrition, meditation and exploring, enhancing your own body”. As a practitioner of science, my advice to the people who would like to explore this area is to get expert guidance. It is a very unfortunate trend in our nation that whenever something significant like bio-hacking is emerging, there is misinformation regarding this. It is important to get proper orientation, education, and training in this field by subject matter experts.

4)How can one join the ‘life upgrade’ movement and learn aspects of biohacking?

Ours is a privileged access community. The community members are from various walks of life who are serious and committed to taking charge of their life for the better. One can join the Superhuman Tribe community by being a part of “Hack Your Destiny” conclaves. Not everyone can be a biohacker, you need to have an inner flame that desires to overcome that lethargy, obstacles in life, and the burning desire to achieve a ‘super human’ life. Those who would like to see the world of biohacking can explore and

5)What is the “World Bio-Hacking Day” that the upgrade life community is coming up with?

November 2 is Global Ayurveda Day and we are bringing Ayurveda, Yoga, and Bio-Hacking closer. We are celebrating World Bio-Hacking day on the same date to bring together 2 hands of the ‘wisdom that enriches both body and brain’.  We will be arranging webinars, programs and inviting eminent people from across the world to interact and inspire the people towards a new dawn of health and wellness.

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