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SI Swimsuit model Camille Kostek dishes on her ‘risqué’ costume: ‘I had to hope that it became as soon as going to suit’

Bibliometric Details: Issue No: 1 | Issue Month:January | Issue Year:2022

Camille Kostek knows a thing or two about heating things up.

Correct prior to 2021 officially came to an slay, the Sports actions Illustrated Swimsuit model attended the SI Awards in Florida along with her longtime boyfriend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight slay Pick Gronkowski. The aged duvet woman made jaws drop when she rocked a golden cutout costume by megastar fashion clothier Usama Ishtay that proudly flaunted her resources. The 29-One year-aged performed the see with a football-fashioned take dangle of.

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Kostek spoke to Fox News about the courageous costume she famously wore, what’s it love cyber web web hosting “Wipeout,” and how she’s breaking a sweat in the recent One year.

Pick and I were going to be collectively on the tournament, which is terribly uncommon since he became as soon as in football season when the award existing took online page. So I wished something that became as soon as going to be a truly wow second. I wished to feel very glamorous, especially vibrant that there weren’t going to be any vacation events that One year.

Camille Kostek loved how the costume embraced her curves.
(Rodrigo Varela/Getty Photos)

I wished a wow costume. I wished to slay the One year with a bang. And there’s this clothier that I’ve been admiring for some time. I acquired in contact, and I had this imaginative and prescient of the costume, and it became as soon as delivered to lifestyles. I had never tried the costume on prior to I landed in Tampa. About three hours prior to the existing, I acquired my hair and make-up performed. I then attach aside on the costume and I had to hope that it became as soon as going to suit.

And it suits so completely. I’d never tried it on prior to, so I wasn’t sure the plan in which it became as soon as going to suit my body. It became as soon as all performed over Zoom thru measuring every shrimp high-tail of my body. However it absolutely suits so completely. It became as soon as a broad threat. I had a backup costume very most practical in case, but it looks nothing love this. Right here’s a glamorous, sparkly, hip-bearing, risqué costume. That’s what definitely took online page. It became as soon as all or nothing. So I’m very joyful that it came collectively.


Fox News: Speaking of the recent One year, a broad selection of of us want to jumpstart their health dreams in 2022. It’s no secret you’re a broad imply of dancing. What are some guidelines or tricks you would give to any individual who needs to interrupt a sweat but even have faith stress-free?

Kostek: Oh, that’s easy. All people can dance. It doesn’t imply that you’re correct. However all people can bring collectively their body inviting and have faith a correct time. For me, after I’m not in the mood to determine, I love doing what I call dance cardio.

Camille Kostek talked about she’s a broad fan of dance cardio.
(Rodrigo Varela/Getty Photos for Sports actions Illustrated Swimsuit)

I’m not keen on running. I don’t love hitting treadmills or an elliptical … For me, I very most practical like inserting on tune and clearing some floor dwelling. It doesn’t even want to be a gymnasium. You very most practical want to bounce and produce collectively that body inviting … It’s so phenomenal stress-free and releasing. We all have faith that shrimp kid inner of us. And I mediate it’s essentially the most delightful capability to bring collectively inviting and lift a smile to your face. Set on a few your favourite songs, and you’ll be dancing for 15 minutes straight.

Fox News: Will have faith to you see at your 2019 duvet for SI Swimsuit, what goes thru your thoughts?

Kostek: Exact wow. For me, it can be that the one obstacles that folk have faith in their lives are the ones that they online page for themselves. I’d insist that’s something I realized from myself. After I see at that duvet, it’s love, wow, the second you originate to fully imagine in yourself, which you too can lift out your needs.

I stopped comparing myself to a broad selection of of us, especially in an substitute that’s so easy to ascertain yourself with a broad selection of of us when it comes down to modeling and the capability you seem to your body, especially in a swimsuit. The second that I let lunge of those fears and boundaries, I became as soon as ready to shield out my needs, love performing on that duvet.


Camille Kostek made her dream advance unbiased by performing on the hide of SI Swimsuit.
(SI Swimsuit/Getty Photos)

That’s a message I want to portion with all people. End limiting yourself. Be courageous, be courageous, be courageous and imagine in yourself. The single things advance out of that, and you develop nearer to your extra valid self. I mediate the one things advance out of pushing boundaries. So whenever I scrutinize that duvet, I scrutinize any individual who believed in herself. She believed that she could also, she went for it and see what took online page. To for the time being, I unruffled like speaking about it because I bring collectively those euphoric feelings as if it took online page the day before these days. So my message? Dash for it.

Fox News: “Wipeout” has recent episodes in time for the recent One year. How bright is that for you?

Kostek: I love it. I definitely have faith so phenomenal stress-free on online page. It’s bright for me to scrutinize those episodes because I bring collectively to undergo in thoughts how the full lot went down, and I will relive that pleasure I felt. So I continually see forward to it. And I love that it’s a family existing. I will bring collectively my associates collectively, my boyfriend, even my family, especially the nieces and nephews who’re so young. Each person will get to scrutinize and revel in it collectively.

Fox News: Having a see motivate, what became as soon because it about “Wipeout” that made you should need to bring collectively entangled?

Kostek: As rapidly as I seen the headlines that a revival became as soon as coming motivate on TBS, I knew I had to bring collectively entangled come what may perchance well, whether or not as a number or a contestant who will get to lunge on the obstacle route. There became as soon as indubitably, no hesitation.

Camille Kostek attends the 2019 Sports actions Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Enlighten all the plan thru Miami Swim Week at W South Seashore July 14, 2019, in Miami Seashore, Fla.
(Alexander Tamargo/Getty Photos for Sports actions Illustrated)

So I became as soon as very, very inflamed after they requested me to be one in every of the hosts because I’ve been having so phenomenal stress-free. I bring collectively to lunge to work every day, seek advice from contestants and portion their reviews. I bring collectively to giggle or infrequently even yowl – continually joyful tears. I have very lucky to have faith this job. I’m very joyful “Wipeout” came motivate.


Fox News: You’re a self-discipline host, but would you ever shield in thoughts competing at some level, even supposing it became as soon as a one-night-only tournament?

Kostek: Fully. I mediate we must have faith a number episode and no one groups up. I mediate it is going to all be contributors running the route (laughs).

Fox News: It’s been reported that you’re shy of the murky and continually exhaust a nightlight. What would it not engage so that you can attain a pronounce fully in the murky?

Kostek: Oh my gosh! Glance, I’m not shy of heights. I’m not shy of flying. I’m not shy of a broad selection of things. However the murky is upsetting. I don’t even love upsetting movies. What would it not engage? I imply, hear, after I very most practical talked about to be fearless and push yourself and all that (laughs).

Camille Kostek, considered right here rocking the runway for SI Swimsuit, is a self-discipline host for TBS’ ‘Wipeout’.
(Frazer Harrison/Getty Photos for Sports actions Illustrated)

I’d need to claim that I’d attain it. However I’d only attain it if I became as soon as challenged, and I had to level to something to myself and a broad selection of of us. Maybe it can be something love how prolonged I will final after you end the door and flip off the full lights. So it wouldn’t engage phenomenal. I very most practical can’t promise how prolonged I’d be ready to final without trying to yowl or score the sunshine (laughs).

“Wipeout” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TBS.

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