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Skills that teenagers can learn during the pandemic period

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Time is the main thing that once spent can never be earned back.

Since the announcement of lockdown last year, the whole country is effectively at a standstill. Teenagers were usually busy with their friends, school, and studies but now they have a lot of free time. Every individual should spend their time constructively during this period. In search of ways to engage themselves teenagers have opted for e-world where they get various methods to enhance their talents when this pandemic is forcing everyone to spend time inside four walls only. This is the best time for teenagers to learn skills that they would surely need when they grow up.

Here are some skills that help in investing time for productive learning during the pandemic period


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As the food is nourishment for the body, knowledge is nourishment of the soul. Enhancing knowledge of people, society, history, or culture by reading books, articles, or blogs is the best utilization of time for any age group. Developing a reading habit takes time and effort. It also requires commitment and this period is the best time to make a commitment of sitting down and read. For establishing a consistent reading habit, make a list of books you want to read and set a goal to read certain numbers of pages per day. is a website where you get almost all books in electronic form. Reading books helps in acquiring speed-reading that will help in reading emails or online learning content. The research suggested that reading books helps in personality development and enhance empathy.

Creative writing/Blogging

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The other important professional skill that can be learned or enhanced during this period is writing skills. To improve the art of writing, one can start writing a short article or story and get it posted on your blog. This will surely help in the discovery of new style, form, and language of own. Various online skill development courses are available online ranging from creative writing to digital marketing. Check out sites like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, and others.

Professional courses

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It would be very beneficial for youngsters to get in touch with some basic professional courses that might direct them for choosing a future profession. Nowadays the internet is bursting with free courses and tutorials. Teens can enroll in courses like photography, music, artificial intelligence, statistical analysis, coding, animation, and game development. One could also learn some new language other than local language that will help in improving their resume and create wider acceptability. Udemy, NIPTEL, skillshare, Unity Learn Premium, etc. are some websites offering these kinds of courses.

Massive open online courses (MOOC):

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Learning new skills for pursuing an interest or bring advancement in career through various short online courses is a new trend. These kinds of courses are one of the best options for staying active and engaged during the lockdown. Several companies like Coursera or Udemy offers various MOOC related to different disciplines. Not only companies but some higher educational institutes like Yale University, Harvard University, IITs, IIM, etc. have also joined the initiative by offering courses for free during this pandemic. The MOOC courses usually range from a week to 12 weeks


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One of the lifesaving skills that all need to learn cooking in their life. It fulfills dietary requirements even in unfavorable circumstances. Nowadays many of the youngsters don’t know the cooking skills and faces difficulty when they migrate for study or job. Taking advantage of this time to learn cooking will surely save future energy, time, and maintain physical health.

Art and Craft

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An exciting and engaging course full of ideas for children as well as adults in indulging in craft activities. Creating something helps in promoting a sense of self-efficacy. Involving in creative projects or art during this lockdown period helps in distracting from anxious feelings. Continuing with a creative outlet, various online tutorials are in abundance teaching art, calligraphy skills, and craft activities. Drawspace, youtube channel WowArt, Obby, Pinterest, lovecrafts.


Until this situation of uncertainty overcomes, teenagers should focus on the positive aspect of staying at home putting their physical health as well as mental health on priority. Reinvesting this time on productive activities rather than binge-watching will surely help in the long run. Learning any kind of knowledge or skills only help the learner, it never hurt. So try to make productive use of free time.

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