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Slack up with its new feature: Let’s You DM Anyone!

Before the earlier announcement back in October’2020, Slack is commencing to roll out a new feature that lets anyone use the service DM to anyone. Slack Connect DMs will now let you message and connect to anyone. Employees or users can privately text outside of their firm group. 

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Slack is one of the popular platforms for businesses to connect with clients or their employees, but with the new add-on can even use it to text their friends at other companies without any restriction. It was primarily designed to let businesses and professionals collaborate via shared channels, and DM cross-organizational DMs will be the next big thing in the coming days. 

In case, you are wondering how to initiate the conversation, then DMs work by sending a special link to start an interaction and may need Slack admin approval, which demons on how your organization has set up Slack. 

Slack announced paid users will be able to access Slack Connect DMs by today itself, and it plans to activate it to all the teams, inclusive of free users, in the coming days. 

Other than this, Slack is working on a new way to link with people on a wider scale, such as multiple organizations to create a private business network. The sources say this new feature will launch later this year which will include a unified business network, channel discovery, and other shared applications.

Lastly, this new feature of Slack Connect will help in raising work efficiency for those people or professionals whose work is focused on external communications namely sales executives, business development, and so on.  It will also benefit Slack power users- those who use lots of applications and are constantly sharing Google Docs or hosting zooms with people outside of their firm. It is a great move for enabling more work and effectiveness. 

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